When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

And just where does originality creativity spring from? Just where do these thoughts dwell before they graced our presence. Before we Grace their presence. Just where do they Spawn from? The heart. My heart has experienced so much pain I should be dead. The voices continue to say congestive heart failure over and over. But I know better and If I know God then we are his art and every time we feel a trip of blood from the arteries to the oxygenated vein’s. I will bleed no more. I wear my heart on my sleeve with a slice of my own Thorn from the rose that I am. You do it to yourself. In order to truly change I had to experience it myself. Without that pain I may have never woken up from my Slumber.

A gentle reminder to stay away from those who wish to pick the rose to place on a table without thorns genetically modified to suit their fragile fingers. See they’re afraid of the thorns the pain and what I have gained. True change true breeding of chains cycles. Well you thought I was dying but I was only becoming.

Much more than you bargained for much more than you paid for. Much more than you could ever grass and your measly existence. I can’t wait to watch you sheepishly walk away after you see me whole. When I become my true self that’s with their afraid of so shall it i be.

Kerrious copyright with all rights reserved 2017

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