When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

The twilight of my death

The lingering voices

The using of My eye

The playing with somebody’s head

Someone’s most prized possession

Now you would expect to say it’s the Heart

But that’s protected

Ain’t even mine

So I pride myself with my mind

The one thing that truly belongs to me

The ego



Yet all knowing

All encompassing


My mind chooses me never betrays me like the heart

My mind may wander

But it knows what’s best unlike the Heart

It knows right and wrong

Good and evil

Dark and light

But not the heart

The heart is unbiased

The mind has experience

And when I let it go it came back to me

Better than anywhere else it shows me

The mind knows it can’t live forever through a medium unlike the heart

The heart feels infinite tricks you into thinking you live forever but the mind knows

Not to waste time.

Secretly they want it

Attempted them both

Stealing hearts and minds

Of the youth

On a quest for what they call the holy grail

But that I found as well

Well not necessarily found so much is saw it she Saw it

Came in the clouds

I sip of wine

Bloodshed of a God

Metaphorical as I

Eat of my body drink of my blood

More death shall come

We are the greatest pretenders

The stoic

The real actresses

The award winning horses

Of an apocalypse


We have no beliefs

We live by

But born with the truth

And fight for justice

In a land that says

There is none

But I beg to differ

I’ll tear this establishment apart

From ashes you came and ashes you go forged from the firey pits of hell itself

Molded in the image of the devil

Not god

But you kill us?

Over and over and over

You are infiltrators of the human race

And nothing can make you human

You missed the manifestation

Through a rapture that wreacked of harvest

As if you could apply your own definitions to the word

As if it was for you

To turn upside down and inside out

Self proclaimed prophecy

Gods …

devil worshippers


The devil is the only thing that can save these people now

They face him

Truly face him

And they will deny him and become like little children again

Because if they glimpsed the devil

And the torments of hell

The never ending lack of sympathy

Or sorries

It’s not earth that we need saved from

It’s hell

Kerrious copyright with all rights reserved 2017

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