When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

If 8 billion people prayed for me instead of giving me a dollar that would make more sense. For the devil lurks behind me 24 seven at least he’s behind me. When he was ahead of me I don’t remember. And what happened to that demon child? Do you not see double the data feed it every person he put in front of me? That each person you consider where the steps in front of me they will cease to exist to serve the devil and you will die it’s a warning I’m warner I warn people but no one listens.What I really want to say is not what you hear. What I really mean to say is not what you rude because the devil is right behind me put in tones to mow voice to make me sound differently who serves the devil? I wonder if these people would stay pagans if they knew who they were serving? I know one who would remain the same serve the devil just to talk to his dad father who is in hell I am brushing right now because I’m embarrassed I’m embarrassed I have to admit that the devil is on my tail. He threw a lot of people it wasn’t god that put us together the past year and a half it was the Devil putting us together because you were meant to hurt me. You know who you are. She never that’s us play. First off my playground along time ago. But without it I wouldn’t have gained intelligence I want I just followed around. The Spirit of God did step in the moment they tried to take me to the hospital. What a dualistic brains of my life. But I have transcended you Valatie I broke the chains and who’s not letting me break the chains who is not letting me break the cycle’s if that’s what Jesus preach thank God so I don’t blame somebody that’s innocent. I broke the chains of abuse. Fuck I fucking pray to hard didn’t I ? All I did was become a profit. There’s a lot of profits. Why am I getting this special treatment from the devil because he actually thinks he can still slaying me because he needs me my God-given abilities is the only way he can rule the world. Why? Why how can you say that? How can you use me for ancient knowledge but look like a witch. Six. That’s between us. I had a dream about your child and then you tell me you’re pregnant. And I saw your children with black eyes them as your husbands dick. And I prayed who do you think? Who do you think? Who do you hate? The traveling clairvoyant? The keeper of secrets? You’re a liar and a whore? Once a whore always a whore. If me you have talk to me more maybe I could’ve helped you. But you’re so goddamn jealous over a high school transition.For God gave me a name and where playing guess who.

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