When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

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It’s not about trips around the sun but trips around the earth

I originated clear across the globe


From country to country

Oh pressed and repressed

If it wasn’t by motorhead be by chemical

I heard him say

Do you want your chemical warfare

Then I smell the chemicals all around me

As if my car was going to explode

If I turn the ignition.

The water Woodburn me as I took a shower


Chemically induced

Infiltrates individual homes

No better than a gas chambers

I hear the water talk to me

It says sorry as soon as it tries to kill me

I took it head Ohio

I believe God controlled water

And that that couldn’t happen

Not that it wouldn’t happen not that people haven’t tried not like that stupid pagan tried to do through a fantasy novel

Tyrant to tyrant

I’m going to Germany

America won’t help me

If only a boat would come to the shore

Michael row your boat ashore

I saw it it was in pieces buried in sand as I time traveled by the beach that day I looked down and saw your color stone then looked up and was 50 feet ahead of where I was but a mile down the road I was lost but found

I got sick jet lag

Threw up substances that weren’t even mine


Physically created alcohol in her system from her attacker

She hadn’t drank in months but yet here she was throwing up alcohol

As she climbed the stairs

She made it to the neutral position before she threw up she was almost going down the steps but went back up just to throw up the shit because she wouldn’t take it home with her

She was t trying to take credit for the way I am no one does but God

Where is the fair fight

Chicken shit

Would never say it to my face but had 30 technology

So after I threw up your vile you’re disgusting intestines filled with poison seeped into your veins forever

You going to listen to an alcoholic fine

Or you and I listen to the girl who drank to save her father

But it was too goddamn late because of you and you

They checked him in the flying while he was dying

But Jesus picked him up

And took him to heaven I hear him every now and then say that a girl I heard what you did and it was too soon have you no mercy

Why would you ever expose me to that

I know what that brain holds

Do you think I really needed you to show me and made me want to kill you

The way you are sat back and didn’t do a damn thing to help my father as on heaven as on earth you’re not saviors

You’re nothing but snobs

I don’t want to go to heaven or hell earth is where I dwell

If I save the planet it’s mine and only time will tell

I stole the power from the sun because he was a false God

Evil lie your own creator your manifesto

Manifesting God and Jesus

For everybody else

And God’s wrath is what I’m after

To have somebody take up for me the way God took up for me

That he knows I was held back

Buy you and you and you and you

Then he said he’ll be right back

God’s will

So be it

Turns out there’s no conflict see dark and light together is not a conflict between human and God it’s our true nature because it’s meant to say the world today against evil evil is nothing but God’s thing he gives us to fight to prove our worth

Who’s going to take up for me

Who isn’t going to turn a blind eye

Call judges neighbors people friends family rather think I’m psycho

So be it

For once the girl was happy

I will slice the falls later

The dragon of the apocalypse

Think about it he wears many faces

He says that girl perfect exactly all different faces different demeanors so she’ll pathic animalistic treasure hoarding dickhead

He ran around like a wild banshee and expect me to respect him

As of stealing everything from me would lend me over because he actually believes what I was doing

My life has been the purpose of manipulating Lucifer now I know him inside and out and as long as he’s around me I know more more and more about the enemy the art of war no you’re in a me it’s so easy

He goes around and ask like a savior while he’s really stealing everything God-given abilities he takes credit for gods work goes around and tries to collect it took my voice piece by piece tone by tone note by note and I helped him out by screaming bloody murder as the cops were beating me

Ha ha Obama?

Now I know who you serve if I am your horse that was a long time ago

I will die Poor

Even though it was an honest $8 billion

A dollar for every life

They don’t even think they’re worth a dollar

And. They sure as hell don’t think I’m worth a dollar

When in reality there is no worth to a dollar

But see everybody’s brainwashed tricked into doing the deeds of the devil Lucifer

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