When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

At the end of the day being positive would be brainwashing myself I would be no better than they period at the end of the day I can see the light but am I going to share the light. At the end of the day I’m asleep easy I may be able to live with myself but will day? At the end of the day they taking everything away at the end of the day my mind doesn’t have to be swayed. So what’s the purpose nothing. They literally are obsolete the things that they’re doing don’t matter they are literally wasting our lives in front of my eyes my ears. Fools. Rapist murderers perverts. Once a murderer always a murderer once a rapist always rapist once a pervert always a pervert. Through the wires they’ve entered my home through the wires they have seen what’s going to lead them to their death I get naked you die. You look you watch you die. How many programs can I lore in how many stubs to the fucking face right through the eyes of their demise. How many terrorist how many corrupted rat looking incest jewel beings. When the captain says do you loving it send a marriage and say a year and a half later they don’t want to say. It’s eugenics and they are going extinct the royal family are incest jewel right there for everybody to see so what’s their fate let it be. They will grow old and die right in front of our eyes. Her hurts. I was laying in bed for god sake. Secret garden secret code what an embarrassment. America glorify incest murderers rapists perverts. There’s nothing you can do to make it right no matter how many fucking false accusations you put out there by actresses not professionals. The media is played quite disturbing no pun intended. I know one incestial bastard Who is glorified for being a murderer. In America they glorify the motors in rapist and there’s nothing they can do to take it back. They reward the evildoers America is an allusion there is no freedom there is no independence there is no liberty and most important no Justice no matter if you have the evidence right in front of their face they will turn a blind eye to evil it is falling corrupted from the cops to the judges right down to the incrstial bloodlines. How would you feel if your president so would you how would you feel if everybody was going to sell you to sex slavery to put a dick in your mouth shut you up how many times have I been redirected sabotage and you still don’t know what’s boiling inside me do you? You can look at me for an eternity and as long as you’re looking truth will be buried it’s like physics you observe me I’m going to act differently. What you want is dispersement but the very thing you want your self sabotaging and you won’t stop I know you want what I want is to hear you screaming hello and free schizophrenics. They prey on the artistic the creative the bountiful like pagans that they are. March 17 hello. Autistic people are nothing more then defiant individuals. I don’t know why you think I said autistic I said artistic. I told them from the very beginning to leave me alone I told them from the very forget beginning with they did were doing was futile. I thought many wars many battles and in the end pain wars are futile. And I already know how to win pain wars. This isn’t practice this is Real. To be able to hear your own rapist and then be psycho enough to go into that at all who is the warrior? Who listened to that sociopath? Why in the hell would anybody listen to that so she’ll path he spread rumors about me even the doctors believed him do you not know what I went through do you not know that my brain turned on like a siren a call for help not what happened. He tortured me for days and days while I was fainted. I’d wake up then pass out again no drugs no alcohol completely and utterly sober.I fasted the whole time. And in the end he wasn’t giving up he was relentless it was observing him that I’m aware of what humans are capable of. Judas even sold you out. Don’t you see? Now you don’t know what’s real or not, false or true. I’ve got you so fucked up for watching and doing nothing. I was disassociated being reborn as I was being raped my quest for in mortality was corrupted just like you people the actions are there. When God calls your name you better be awake when you are reborn you better be awake. And a child I became. I am an alchemist A scientist I am not a victim. The more you expose yourself to me the more data I collect and there’s got to be a conclusion proving my hypotheses to be correct. No one’s going to save you. Ashes to ashes choke on your own blood. Don’t shoot the messenger you’ve had plenty of time to change get the help that you need. But while you were focused on me trying to change me you missed your own arc you missed the boat. There’s no emulating me there’s no doing what I have done there’s no copying there’s no redo there is no second there’s a first in a last one and only. What did you think I did with me while I was dead? Did I not come back a little different? They are not intelligent they are bacteria they Spohn in deep dark places on another planet you will be my bacteria As I create throughout the universe. All life has to start somewhere and if your incest will start again don’t expect to be climbing trees either. I hold the key I am your savior. And I can take it back take it all back. I found a way to make billions of dollars honestly and they deny me any independence or security. Was it not I/O that witness the Fourth of July Independence Day because we really thought that was good people out there but be aware there is no sign of life. The animals are going so what’s the point. Literally they are taking away everything I love everything that sustains my happiness they’re killing me from the outside in. They killed my cat my precious intelligent beings. They made my other cat run away. Brainwashed him. But if I know my son…..

So I made an honest way of making $8.5 billion and all the fat cats are clinking their glasses saving lives is it for free. Doesn’t mean you and me. Doesn’t mean a goddamn thing really according to logic in reality based off the actions of others. The sun is rising again and again and again and again and again the sea is as blue as ever as beautiful as ever as Tame as ever. Who’s leaving who in the dark now? I don’t mean to sound this way it’s not how I mean to sound it’s just I’ve already said this before and it never comes out the same way twice one to God one to you. So I will pray and I’m not talking to you. Nothing I have ever done deal will do this for you. So she’ll path was in my grass and you let him murder me. I know that if you know I downloaded a song then you sure as hell know when I’m murders out there but yet you let them go and reward them with hospitality. How many accomplices who brought the black bag and how did they know each other? Back to the Atlantic. Back to the news. Back to no Justice no security no safety no neighbors no friends just family who trust. What I want to know how the cockroach got to my family did he blame everything he did on me. I hate the voices. Doesn’t seem quite fair does it? That girl… So if you want some of the lights I could but I don’t think so. I’ll bury the light good night. By George boy we found the light. Even associate path left warnings to get the fuck out of there. But I knew one thing no one else knows. What a faggot Judases would never and meds because they like to think that they’re in mortal. But what happens when you break the chain of in mortality all those before me cease to be in mortal the chain has to keep going so… If I was truly sabotaged and die that’s fine. If instead of universal in mortality you chose jealousy it’s like choosing you over a little early eve is a God and Lilith there’s a demon? And lillith try to steal Eves Holy Spirit. She is equipped with technological weapons provided by my fellow human beings to use against me. She is no God. Once a motor always a murderer. The first murderer was a murder because he was not a love child not because of jealousy for that list until three years ago when she realize that even existed. So yeah if I wore it be a whole lot easier. Wishful thinking that I will be excepting light and dark combined not evil. But a true brilliance and both classifications. So did I slay the dragonDid I say the dammit no butts great grandmother did. I slayed her twice yes but she was brought back the final time was great grandmother my hero. She said mommy is going to pull through for you. And I expect her to uphold it the highest duty. As my mothers played that demon that just weeks before tried to inhabit my body as I saw they didn’t have it in my mothers body and tell my mother was so my mother. I knew I would never have to worry about her again that in all her glory I am her daughter I had doubts until we slayed the same demon. I sensed her that great grandmother burned her. If you want to know take a guess.So as you can see truly the light in the dark and how combined can truly defeat evil forever

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