When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

denying the dark

would be



our feelings need


so be the first person

to do so…

the first to

validate your feelings

and not ignore them

but let them blossom

let them show you

what needs to be shown

even if it wasn’t mutual

don’t let anyone

invalidate that.

once there was a girl

who fell

now we know what fall means!


fell hard.

it almost killed her

how she is alive

we really don’t know

its a medical mystery

a myth

not real.

but she still roams

the earth…

in search

of true love.

sometimes we see her

and sometimes we don’t

it is really hard to get a glimpse

except during an eclispe

or cosmonaut happenings…

she doesn’t say much


she might as well be mute

but inside her

is this excitement

and it lures in the darkness

just as the darkness lures her in

they go back and forth

until they embrace each other

but no one wanted her

because it was like something

they’ve never seen

or thought they’ve seen before

in others….

it’s scary

it’s real…

it’s crazy

it’s true…

darkness is her truth

you see…

so she never doubts herself

she never does anything

except slice those feelings

that aren’t hers…

the evil ones


to swallow the darkness

because even that is better than evil

but to her

it’s the most high


lured her to God

lured her to her past



the truth!

and that’s all she ever wanted


of who she was

the dark one

an angel

a demon

a slave

and she’s breaking free

of both.

who said you had to choose

who said you had to deny

our very existence?


oh yeah,


So anything but evil is good?


evil is nothing

and nothing they will remain.

darkness is the only thing that beats them

while the light heals us

after battle.

we need them both

do not dismiss either.

but let them grow inside you

to become something grand…

a pure human being.


kerrious 2017 copyright with all rights reserved.

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