When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

She writes to remember 

Not forget 

So she just did 

Those soul sucking 


What the fuck was that 

Keep the darkness councious 

Tearing families apart 

Relationships too 

Anything for you 



Oh my 

What a goddess


What a witch ! 

Two of em. 

Grabbed your soul


On being their boy toy 

Their spotted pony’s 

Their pages Norse worshipper


Fall for anything fag

This is the last time 


Sure a snitch has gotten to you 

Wanna see you through 

Wanna SOS it?

How bout it….

You oblivious fuck 

I let you kill me 

Because i knew

God wouldn’t forsake me

That he would rise me 

And so it did 

It happened 

You strangled me with a sheet 

My sheet! 

Then i woke up 

And my throats hurt 

But not long enough 

For me not to enjoy that

Death stare 

That omg she’s still alive face….

Like deer in the headlights 

Times a million 

Then i see the retard 

In you…

In all of you. 

All three of you

It falls on me  

Am i that strong 


I’m going to save my world.
Kerrious copay right 2017 with all rights reserved 

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