When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

It’s like how 

I don’t go with my gut 

Then I’m wrong 

It’s like that….

Something I’ll never learn 

Or comprehend 

A gut?

A girth?

A worth?

Rebirth …..

You say i reborn you 

Does that make me god 

Does that make me jesus 

Does that make me the new age savior 

The dark one

With a stare that kills

A dark beauty 

A twin…


A mate 

Forever late. 

A tale 

Of two losers 

Who lost aa long time ago 

A neverending story 

That shall be told another time

The struggle is real 

Why couldn’t he feel? 

Feel me there….

I’ll wonder

I suppose 

Why i want to die 

Because you didn’t want me 

My life’s work 

Is ruined. 

My soul mate

Not what i expected 

Not at all….

Abandoned by her father 

And soulmate?

You mean she found him?

Well someone put them together 

That year on the island 

Of hurricanes. 

She called out to him 

But nothing would work 

Poor girl..

Bless her heart….

Die die die die die 

Get the fuck out of my house! 

It’s ruined its all ruined 

Just like that 


No means no 

A simple word 


Through actions he speaks

Wreaks havoc 

On my little world 

Painful to me 

Slit right through me 

Now he can see the scar 


I was faithful…

But not anymore. 
Kerrious copyright 2017 with all rights reserved 

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