When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

That diving force…

Is gone. 

That inspiration…

Is hidden.

That work 

Is done.

I used to be 

So original 

I used to be 

A bible dipper

I used to be 

A scientist 

An artist 

A savior 

A friend

A lover 

A heart 

A drink 

A smoke

Tasted like freedom.

Rolling rock….

That night at the beach

Where i saw the Milky Way

And i thought you would live…


Oh we were infinite 

Weren’t we

We danced to buddy holly 

As the tides came in 

And the moon was gone

Thank god. 

I hate her!

She sold me out. 

I created moon child

And what do i get 

A slap in the face

What a b…


A child lurks there.

But you always found a way 

To ruin the best times….

So i was like you 

So much like you

Old man 

Take a look at my life 

I’m a lot like you were

30 and there’s so much more 

But where are you 

I used to hear you speak to me 


You died to 

Pink Floyd’s the wall.

Bitches get stitches

Trolls get 86’s 

And oh boy,

You’d 86 me 

Like nobody’s business 

Didn’t even give the child within em

A start….

Radio disc jockey 



What happened to me

What happened to you 

Why did you leave

At our closest 

Why did you kick me 

Why did you always disappoint me

Why am i the little girl

Still by the door 

Waiting for you 

To pick me u

Save me 

Kerrious copyright with all rights reserved 2017

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