When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

Age is death 

One step closer

To the edge…

Why not rush it in 

This is bullshit 

All of it 

I wish to live forever 

I never want to die 

But I’m not scared

It isn’t fair 

I hate death 

I hate it 

I hate you

There is no one left for me 

No. one 

Because of you

I loathe you 

Superficial pacifist 

If i could 

I’d burn you 

Or make a deal 

Then when i want to die 

And nothing is left

But there’s always a 

Then I’ll shoot my brains out 

I really will 

I choose!!!!!!!

Bastard child 

Robbed me of my wild 

Go to hell 

You used me 

I’m better than you 

I am immortal 

I will live forever…

I am a God 

You’re just a slave.

What a duty 

Every half second 

Another loved one 

Is taken 

I choose!!

To not hurt anyone





Therefore i shall not die 

To only hurt others 

I choose!!

Kerrious copyright with all rights reserved 2017

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