When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

The more you know

Leads you away 

From God…

But god is not 

All powerful

We even hav e

To pray 

For her

God is only

All knowing

As needed

She is as needed 

Floating around 

Wishing no one was around

For once.

Shes’ the only one 

Who can sit 

In a dark room 


Smoking cigarettes

And not be 


By the fact 

She’s alone

And that no one is coming 

To save her 

No one 

Because she is 

The most high 

So sorry she relied

On you 

Sorry she asked for help

Biggest mistake 

Of her life 

Letting others in

The pain…

Is not hers to bare

The pain…..

Only spreads thin

She is all knowing

All feeling….

And that’s the difference.

She can indeed

Be several places

At once



She’s a nut!

No just 


For her own 


Why can’t she touch her life

The way she touches others

Why did she take it all back 

Why did she accept

The darkness…..

Because that is her name

Her blood

Her everything….

She wouldn’t trade it for the world

Not for aa hippy 

Not for you

Or them

Not for anybody

It’s quite ok….though….

It really is…

Because in this world 

Who could blame her


Not one of you….

Not one…..

She tried everything 

But only brought 

More pain 

It’s all bullshit 

And opens portals 

And manifests 


Not truth.

Oh yeah…

The truth! 

Thaat’s her mission

The Goddes of truth.

The Goddess of dark and light 

Has chosen darkness

Goodbye cruel world 



Her favorite….

That’s where she will 

Leave the voices

You see,,,

She’s not stupid 

Insult her intelligence 

And it’s on…

Worse than u could imagine 

She’s ready to cash in.

Will she ever

Feel it again

That day 

Love came back to her 

In the darkness

So she waits

I pace and pace 

Fell from grace

Not by her own design 

Of course…

But by that 

Spotted pony

Well if that’s all he wants to be 

So be it…

It’s not about him 

Never is 

But it’s true 

He tried to kill her 

It’s all true

But since no one 

Will accept the truth 

And there is no justice 


Or liberty 

She’ll wander 

Leaving you all behind.

Kerrious copyright with all rights reserved 2017

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