When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

Let’s begin

Let’s put this to an end

But still no justice 

For a life 

So precious 

One just beginning

One she didn’t realize

Was settling in 

But she loved him

When she thought she’d never love again

And she thought she had

Something special….

When something isn’t special anymore

She withers up 

And dies


Her heart hurts 

She can’t breathe

She can barely do anything 



We alll need to feel special 

Who cares what they say 

We all need someone

To make us feel 


And when they ruin it

It ruins her.and them….

But the cycle can be broken 

With the right one…

It just takes one…


Break the chains 


Why have you forsaken me

Why can’t you just be real 

To deny everything i feel!

Is what you have done


I hate you 

I hate you 

Because of them 

I know 

If you were real

There would be none

Of this….

I didn’t rise from the dead

I survived 

With my own instincts 

My own free will 

Just in spite 

So for the thrill 

So he wouldn’t win

Of course. 

Jesus was right

We are forsaken 

I should have know

But i had faith 

To say 

He’d never forsaken 


That’s why Jesus is 


To some. 

I wouldn’t hear the voices

I wouldn’t die everyday 

I wouldn’t be tortured 

People would help 

But see…

They’ve had longer

To realize this 

And builds mountain 

Of hate….

Will she join them 

Or keep her faith

Oh this is deafening 

I hate them 

I hate them 

I hate them 

Not you

Copyright kerrrious 2017 with all rights reserved

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