When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

she’s face with a giant
except now
the giant
sees her wings
and sword…
he looks down
in disbelief
yet knowing
the day would come
knowing he could
look like that
and she wouldn’t
kill him…
oh no…
she’d jump above him
as he tried to kill her
she go below him
as he tried to kill her
she rise again
above the waters
the floods
the golden chariot
sunk right in
so yeah…
i’m going to space
oh wait
the gate!
they stole the key!
but Gaia is so happy!
i’ve got work to do
silly people
i’ve run into
i’m sorry.
don’t worry
don’t fall for his games
listen to your mommy
hop scoth
and chalk
jump rope
and monkey bars
teacher leave those kids alone
school’s out for summer…
but you’d think it was bummer!
oh Gaia
now I know
you’re my angel
with a bow
i a swoard
and you a bow
an axe
and reality
cut in half!
i smell him.

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