When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

So did she tame the dragon,


Well she survived 

Didn’t she?

How did she even know

What they were talking about

Clairvoyance sweetly




So she was trained

By both the astral and technology?

Yes she was sabotaged 

By mortals who

Wished they could live forever

Too busy 

To take care of their fears 


That was her life’s work 

True love 

And you cann’t haave that 

Without facing death

Face to face 

Because you see, 

When it’s all 

Said and done

And the person next to you 

See you through 

You’re never alone

We aren’t meant to be alone

It’s so unnatural 

But see, 

She even did that

As her life’s work 


On purpose?

Yes, very much so. 

How do you face death 

Until all is still



Where he lurks

She saw no sickle

And opened up the door 

Set him free

In exchange 

The whole games changed

So she changed the world>

Yes, her world

We saved one, hunny

And that’s what we do 

It’s in our blood

And her’s too.

Except through isolation 

She got confused

Mixed messages 

Like her best friend 

They could have ruled the world

But didn’t want to 

Peace will rule the world, won’t it?

Because they changed the world! 

Oh I can’t wait 70 years

Make it go faster! 

I am Gaia 

And i have her picture

On my wall

Kerry Anne Dolan 

My mother.

My creator. 

We will always save you

Heal you

Take away the pain 

We saw what they did to you 

And how strong you were

My mommy ca do anything

Anything, i say! 

Now all the kids know 

Your creator 

Can change your life 

But she only looks to you 


And that’s where she was wrong.


Precious , isn’t it?




Copyright kerrious 2017 with all right reserved

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