When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

Right nowOver according Augusta wanted call chocolate you see where I tried to wake you up call Florida I love you I love you i’m sleeping the – in the dash I know these things how do you live without knowing your address and phone number look it up oceans skype is b******* i’m like so f****** clothes you’re going to have to services jobs is working right now so welcome back where do you think they’re butterball earthquake Under Armour hey I was just trying to get my Skype to work i’ll just trying to get my Skype to work bass what’s up yay it’s not as easy to you I did now I have to the password or something understand asthma I don’t know what my password is I need my sister’s phone numbers I asked my mom this is my grandpa never met before I never met this guy before god I saw it on my mom’s page I don’t know them so I’m asking my mom call see my grandpa I got this to do what’s wrong I don’t go back to Facebook i’m going to go back to Facebook until I figure out how to get Skype on Facebook or on my tablet love you stop

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