When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

No I never thought I would become the next Jack Kerouac when I first read it I was like that hell with it seem like a deadbeat seem like someone who didn’t know grammar that’s just it that’s the genius letting my reader find the flow letting the reader Siewert goes with their own head 090 and imaginations if they even have a photographic memory how can we at night that I was writers that’s what we do we ignite the imagination the beautiful talent of a colorful photographic memory every day we have new ideas innovative brilliant idea is that if only we could get it down on paper then maybe someone would understand at least one person at least touch one person’s life and we don’t want to be bugged anyway so leave us alone why are we tortured souls why oh why oh why is not the question never have I asked that and I don’t wanna if I asked why I would probably just cry knowing how evil doers are how they can make fun of the most brilliant. How they can make us feel alone and that’s why were writers how they did this to us how they pushed us away and isolated us how they abandon us and we don’t write about them once now do we? And that’s another brilliant aspect we don’t write about the boules we don’t write aboutThe person who tries to ruin your relationships who won’t stay out of your life and misinterpreted that we don’t hang out with them this interpreters but we thank you. We thank you because we forgot about you because you were meaningless in the end the cycle is not going to continue uses a grown out of trying to make somebody feel bad because you have low self-esteem and never made it out of this town. When someone says you’re beautiful you should say thank you what a beautiful gesture you should learn how to take compliments you should learn how to have friends without sex. But yet we don’t write about you and one day will be a picture on a young adults wall because we areThe ones that get them through life we are the holders of hands.

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