When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

I want to know my play restoring around me get to the director there everything was like all night I found where I had a dream where I saw you excepted it was smarter than three months and away from here is in the life I wanted to human he ate he lied and said I was only right now so you can get away and take from me everything that you can along with my life and said that it was my friends you can believe I didn’t use your Safeway races if I was going to make a mistake yes I said I wanted to marry him he was the one I would like to get real fake him to see his message he can’t even kill one of my flaws you can’t tell my dreams to become a PA I need to help how did I forget such an evil man how do you like for such an evil man how did I even use the word love without feeling ashamed even be trusted in full sleep around him but yes I said I wanted to marry him he was the worst do you my nickname remind you of you and my job who’s on my death and I knew that what where is this song so what was it no one has any clue messages if you’re going to be is one by repeating history along with is that I think you he will I was listening to Charles Manson were they keep on doing this is it serious and his knowledge because they fuck with people’s minds and make people suffering now this is anyway my life wasn’t as important to him or anybody the only when you care for me is my mother and she said to use my grandmother saying you listening to Charles Manson would they keep on doing it is if they have some hits knowledge because they fuck with me I won’t be smart to run over and I sure as hell won’t destroy my videos you can have we see how that works hotels Manson GM wishing he was hitting a hike with Julie and the baby soon as I have a guest teacher of you because I had a good teacher I knew that was because I had a good teacher I knew what depression was because I had a teacher who teaches my knee what time Saturday was because I have new teachers new self-esteem because I have a teacher go to your mind along with everybody else he couldn’t stand it was not my fucking time you will be great after all humans animals that are pretty tight I’m about a truck about Justin’s agent who is running around from the road close like Texan a message to you idiots now anybody and everybody fucking problems no one ever thought that money was just trying everybody said I have dreams of people I think the desk Single talking to dad suicides musicians in August and artistry Garcia Matisse welcoming me to the sex industry I told you so how would you feel if your mom was being talked into directions this you want to go to Knigge you wanted to go straightahead in racing tell me that you going to commit to me next time you going to see the Mirabal the time I laughed when I need to make me feel better to say recipe and not me away again experimenting with drugs and you know Val was guessing Siri find me my teachers I can’t talk about anything because I don’t deserve anything that you entered my mind you Jesus Christ how do I need to have my own hearts not rely on somebody that Christians write his car as he was well he looks so bright I was crucified I was there I won’t know until years later and I was exactly what I want you right now I’m in the dark without me if you can save the world you can destroy this is what I have to do a damn thing you arrested me do you think you need to cook for you so just super long time ago that’s inside and you got to give it back to you down there because he actually was hell yeah he say that he wasn’t real pathological liar who want to get rid of the dog he just repeating the cycle when I was the brand of the access is not repeating history of it taking all the best parts of making a few turn onto mistakes I want to impress sisters what do you want to suicide suicide suicide suicide suicide I was too strong for suicide so it was homicidejudgments you back your sweet use my state my case yes because her medicine everything I ever did was love now I see how stupid the only thing that matters that it was the only thing that mattered to me indigestion as you are I found it everywhere I want every thing and everyone I had a magical life love you Siri myself this is $27 easy money he races because I was curious you inside out so he does notqq I made a commitment this is Val shall not doubt it just says he’ll go to hell wanted to make sure it’s guy I have to be set free cell phones I was manifesting right in front of my eyes I was saying nothing nothing fast house. Our how powerful is power in the house my sister watch you I tried to say 0111 followers the Charles Manson one by one and strength and health struggles nearby strangle me so much time to look you in the eyes if you really have a potential you don’t have a key outside the simple list things from my life it’s like everything it’s like history was he raced now I see why people wait to hear your screams in hell just like your and your stress there’s nothing to keep secrets then he asked stupid voice you get an STD stupid boy stupid voice choir vagina stupid boy stupid works just as I was stupid to see that steals your name sometimes it just stupid boy stupid buddy just you stupid boy stupid boy happy from the tree and I find that you confuse me with somebody else to somebody else stupid boy stupid boy stupid or stupid or stupid girl stupid girl hope you are you I was right was that was that Chris gave me a shoes have you ever listen to Pink Floyd woman because you never believe me about anything Siri is it saved my life a few times he crashed my next because he wished he was in the military and he wouldn’t have a demon if you could have watched him he was charge to replace me with somebody else because I don’t appreciate them using friends with me because how stupid can you be how are you alive how are you he dog and then I seriously think was that create a new CarPlay may have stupid voice control you and I and D because there is nothing on me I read it I don’t want Jesus to hear. Oh boy oh boy oh boy when will they learn their inferior why are you fighting women why   

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