When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

  You’ll never know love you never know happiness and you’ll never know the truth or the light.Osama bin Laden is looking at me through a telescope in a tunnel underground and I got to save him and all the others down there because our presidents Claymore on any of us claim war on any of us that speak bad about the country and speak good about God isn’t that weird they garage the country for oil for money for things we don’t even need it they were even smoke Smart enough to know and they would’ve stopped years ago. Space is worth that don’t you see her we wasting our time down here but fuck you I’m going been there done that global consciousness earth from the moon sun rises the ring around the earth if you liked it then you should’ve put a ring around it will God likes it motherfucker there was light in my eyes and space I woke up blinking slowly until I got the full view of earth and did black space but there is always light around it I am the deep black space in the later around eight I am not of this world but maybe you are I’m combining world because there’s no punishment revolving for bringing people on your boat to save them I’m not Noah I’m not the Titanic’s lifeboats. That you all didn’t even ask didn’t give me a chance to survive get it with my boat yet it was my boat to deer is all that stuff beside my eyes me too dear and my mother just because I was there. Cat a dog spirits everywhere it’s like they all just wanted to get a pizza make sure it was real so they can get to work make sure it was real so they could do their work. I’m glad humans aren’t involved it would ruin everything look at them look at them look at them piss poor bastards sleeping with their cousins lesson kids raping people murdering anybody that disagrees with them. I had the toys oh boys. Paranoid of Russia paranoia paranoia everywhere I do not do disgraceful specimen I’ll dissect you in my sleep use a microscope to find your weaknesses and plant the seeds of low self-esteem suicide homicide a thirst for justice is lingering jealousy in the air. I have no questions of why he did it I know why he did it because I was there and got all the information I was there or year and a half before he even realize he was going to kill me don’t you see I was in Allin and it wasn’t a gamble because God will never for sake me but people tell God would hang out with me in the dark but people leave me in the dark. We smoke blunts and ride dirty actually it’s just the sorrow talk. Where is everybody we always want to know where are they I don’t ones that love us they are lovers of themselves and of the world and of green paper to feel superior well our ancestors are saved and I’m in barest to be here embarrassed but I still got the show front row seats balcony view no assassination can enter this pew. Waves and protection modes of dissection modes of transportation gas fumes making reality unclear people happy people happy happy happy crazy. People getting their supplies to have a night will never remember because hell we won’t remember life now will wait there is nothing only darkness you better get used to it I am the darkness I already made life you have to work on your own after life you stupid idiots you’re wasting your time. What do you do matters and they’re just this means no justice. I want to tear down the statue liberty I want to blow it up I want to see you at drowned in the sea for we are nothing but hypocrites lying weather was in the middle never get to go straight path it’s either down or up why can’t we go straight to clear a to B path. You are rewarded for bad behavior quit interrupting me you’re watching me getting off to your murder his desires you have no right to react to me don’t you see you are nothing like me I activate you from knowing the truth quit interrupting me you’re watching me and getting off to your murders desires you have no right to enter to me you don’t you see you are nothing like me I activate you from knowing the truth I act my way through so you’ll never know love you never know happiness you never know the truth  . You’ll never know love you never knew happiness you’ll never Lovejoy you’ll never have it because who has it and who’s not showing it and is acting to save the truth to kill you do you own the darkness because I’m better off alone. Getting your pic stealing my words interpreting how you like them instead of what I’m really saying did you learn that out in 2005 did you ever learn anything. Did you have for the face-to-face you too afraid to go face-to-face if you don’t mind being the voice to Scana do you voice to school now do you voice to scholar. Voice to skull intruders molesters desecrators of my body and they say I’m not in a war that I’m not fighting for my country that I am nothing but I just do you things and do things and do things and do things as if I’m walking around the goddamn circle and that’s all they fucking see that’s all they will ever be that’s where they’ll be and I’ll never have to pee. So you call me psycho you call me this you call me that because the words are cycle but you’re the one putting them in my mouth. You call me a psycho but you wouldn’t do a damn thing for your country for yourself or your family you’d sell your soul and make millions so you can wipe your ass with it. Nobody’s doing shit around here. There shouldn’t be rich people if they want to live again and again and again God is not a joke. That’s why all the world leaders wanted to know and I’m the one with the answer forever gone even if I tried to save you they kill you because I try to save you. They try to kick me out of my own country and my family so you could see so you can see where jealousy as the world will always be because they are of the world names of Cain will a fuck to you all live check to you off Lilith. Check to you all planted the seed territorial agree the first murderer was just fucked in the head by his own mother they tell me to do everything myself well if you can’t read what rhymes and metaphors and you don’t belong in heaven where everybody’s creative not robots. Scandinavian great Britain Turkish Iranian African-American there ain’t anything you got that I don’t got size that damn Japanese hello Stan Japanese tech wiretapping again and then they blame it on Russia hey Japan you do you like it did you like what you heard call zombies were right you’re scared of a little Orwell aria aria are you.? Such a genuine emotion I was impressed that I knew you were stupid and they were depressed. Play the C to wake them up your fellow man you don’t leave behind you don’t erase my words and pretend they don’t exist this is history but they want to kill us in the present because we’re going to be the history of the future.

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