When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

I went along I played along I play the part like an actress soaring around movie the audience the main event the main character the projector the director of the producer everything in one and that’s what I call life .I found you and took you home right where I had a dream where I saw you except I was smarter in the dream and turned away from here but in the life I wanted to human he ate they lied and said I was on the right path just so you could get your way and take from me everything that you can along with my life instead I chose my friends you couldn’t believe I didn’t choose you as if you were that great as if I was gonna make that mistake again as if I would let you kill anyone let alone those I love mythical real fake fantasy it doesn’t matter you can’t even kill one of my thoughts you can’t kill my dreams or do I live in that world or become a part of them or steel them or become a part of that I was delusional I needed to help how could I forget such an evil man how can I fall for such an evil man how could I even use the word love without feeling ashamed couldn’t even be trusted and fall sleep around him but yet I said I wanted to marry him? He was the worst off and that is what I did gravitated towards those who need it the most except I didn’t realize what they do with love since I don’t know what it is they try to destroy it out of fear of the unknown and that’s so true. You slapped me in the face because your sister molested you now I know why they say things about West Virginia. That they do. I felt sorry for you I hated her for you I never wanted to see her for you I would’ve killed her for you because I saw what she did to you I saw you when I was five years old and you were for urine a dream just like you are when I was 21 I drew a Valentine card for you saying I love you Andrew you exactly the regular and when we got older. I had a picture along with that of me smiling like I had it all figured out at five years old like I was tricking you what you were the current and I was homeland security and I had you write in my hands too bad too sad no murderer walk walk some monsters and everybody supposed to think that’s OK.I have nightmares that I’m still with you and there’s just a desire to escape I never loved you you’re my nightmare you remind job you were my job but there’s no reward on my death and I knew that. What was life anyways besides the death what was it no one had any clue and those ages if you’re going I’ll be learning on the years went by the repeated history along with this guyif they knew he they were listening to Charles Manson would they keep on doing it is if they have some hidden power some hidden knowledge because they fuck with peoples minds and make people suffering torture but they listened anyway my life wasn’t as important to him or anybody the only when you care for me as my mother and she said to use white grandmothe if they knew he they were listening to Charles Manson would they keep on doing it is if they have some hidden power some hidden knowledge because they fuck with peoples minds and make people suffering torture but they listened anyway my life wasn’t as important to him or anybody the only when you care for me as my mother and shed tears like grandmother grandmother said mother deserves a chance if anything give her daughter a chance so I did good boy I knew with the evil I was bored and I know what mental illness was what bipolar was and it sure as hell wasn’t me but it’s documented in the hospital so it shall be. I’m a good schizophrenic I can tell you that for sure when my dream life came to be real it was only love I can feel there’s feel there’s way more than we could ever expect OK with that I go out to enjoy it when I go out to explore it or do I stay until I saw him and bars how many trailers are there how many people to trade me how many people tossed me away to forget about me because they can’t leave with their own eyes or ears when I can. I still remember the first time he slapped me and ever since then I felt like I was your sister I was playing the card and your sister I’m here taking it out all on me but deep down all I could feel was your innocence that you didn’t even believe yourself you lied to yourself and became that lie don’t you see it’s too late to turn back now you want to learn give me well enjoy your D evolution you want to go everything but she will become nothing. Ha hey Pagan? A warrior from the festival? I tend a vision a tent a vision and two people doing the same thing and never mattered and never will I wanted to for fill a storybut it made me Ill. I got lost in the past and method actor actually believed I love you so much that I lied to myself just like you lied to yourself that even was so thought I loved you only from the past not the present or the future I smartened up I won’t be smacked I won’t be there don’t be strangled I won’t be ran over and I sure as hell won’t let you destroy the world on mine but yours you can have. We see how that worked out Charles Manson Junior wishing he was Hitler Harley Quinn Junior resembling Marilyn Monro all for you baby. So I know it’s real schizophrenia is because I had the best teacher I knew what popular was because I had a good teacher I knew what bipolar was because I had a good teacher I knew what depression was because I had a good teacher I knew about an addict was because I had good teachers I knew what anxiety was because I had good teachers a new self-esteem was because I had to teacher knew what it was like to be poor and stay for an live in filth because I had a good teacher. But the acting I caught myself or you can guess what else I knew. I knew what lies deceit and manipulation and lies I knew your eyes cause I had a good teacher I knew what you were doing making me trust again. If I wanted to combine two worlds well by golly that’s what was gonna happen and it wasn’t me and him it was eve and the snake where is you choose her Adams and makes her own and a world with the animals because she never was good enough even though she was perfect in God’s eyes he always desired more because he lied wires go to Satan truth there’s Garrett of God and I are liar pants on fire you won’t even feel it don’t worry. Jesus Christ in your heart and God’s will in your mind along with everybody else he couldn’t stand it was mine my fucking turn in all the animals would agree after all on humans animals barbaric primitive dissolving I’m out. They talk about justice. They talk about liberty but they’re nothing but little boys running around the toys they don’t even know their left foot from the road closed right foot so why do we rely on them for protection and she used to protect myself and rely on idiots blaming anybody and everybody for their own fucking problems no one ever thought that money was destroying the world instead everybody still in the pursuit. I have dreams of people I think the desk all my family fake their death and money was never an issue anymore there is only a knowing knowing a Knowing. After the dream when I was 21 again to see you everywhere I would purposely talk to you is if I cared I pretended you were not friends attended to be his acquaintance because you’re always like the shooter from Columbine and I gravitate those who deserve to be in bars as if I’m Destin as if I’m destined for something more talking to dead suicides musicians in August artist having dreams about celebrities welcoming me to their sex industry I told you so. How would you feel if your man was being talked into directions this you want to go to neither you wanted to go straight ahead but they had you going left and right so tell me are you going to commit to me next time or you going to see the miracle that I am I love to learn all I needed was to stay at the hospital for the night I have another human being a nurse the doctor make me feel better but all you did was arrest me and lock me away again experimented on me with drugs and you thought I didn’t know Val was getting thinner is the man dinner and then her and I was on top I can act all I want but I’ll never lose muscle the soul is there’s a reminded me throughout all the acting because I can never show myself while being watched I can never have a moment while being watched by the enemy I can’t even hug my best friend talk about my heroes those who inspired me my teachers I can’t talk about anything good because I don’t deserve anything good. You entered my mind and I am the one that gave you Jesus Christ in your heart what the hell did I need it for God’s will is for me to have my own heart not rely on somebody that Christians ride his coattails while he looks for a bride. I was crucified I was stoned I was resurrected and maybe they want to know don’t know. Won’t know until thousands of years later and I was exactly what I want to right now to leave them in the dark without me. If you can save the world you can destroy it as well and I don’t have to do a damn thing you arrested me you can message me you said I was a danger because I was praying do you even know what the hell you’re talking about if I was Satan I take all your souls to rebuild that I make something now your tainted divulging it’s now or never. I was never a homebound earthbound I fly every night in my dreams and I crashed last night how ironic. Who did you think the way who do you think you need to think for you so just so along time ago but since I loved you got to give it back to you that hurt every damn day as God knows the mistake because Ashley was hell yeah it was worth the fight worth it to save the tea was a real pathological liar a pretender mid evil want to be a bringer of the doggie just repeating the cycle when I was the bringer of the ancestors not repeating history of it taking all the best parts and making the future not all the mistakes. I wanted to impress her and sisters what he wanted to kill them yet a plan for each one suicide suicide suicide suicide suicide I was too strong for suicide so it was homicide and I knew I knew I was going to die I knew what God was capable of was I naïve because I don’t give a shit yes I knew that if I just put this tyrant and the hands of witnesses that we would live up to your name and justice for all but instead they denied her own senses they were they will’s weighscales for god sake’s it’s a he said she said bullshit. I’m not interested and false religions I tremble to my God when it was my turn or judgment you bet your sweet ass and that I argue that I state my case yes because I am innocent everything I ever did was out of love now I see how stupid that was it’s not the only thing that matters but it was the only thing that mattered to me and I just shows you I found it everywhere while I sell beauty in everything and everyone I had a magical life and I beat him at magic he revealed himself as I review it myself he wanted to know my disadvantages advantages weaknesses strengths he said dollars easily manipulated because I was curious he knew me inside out so he thought and that’s the mind of a murderer only a murderer talk to you for days and days and days and I only a hero would sit there and let him do it because she knows there’s no power through manipulation. Sad day after day day in and day out and body mind spirit so feelings were tortured and then I made a commitment that said Val shall not daughter just said he’ll go to hell I wanted to make sure as God part of the sea for Moses he thought of the cars for me it was like everybody was a hive mind and I had to be set free I had to not let them see me thank God for peoples noses on their cell phones I was manifesting right in front of my eyes I was being told by God through manifestation what I desire since I never had desires you are nothing but a desire and nothing good can come from that nothing but a man of power so I thought fast power source power force power. Power power false power wielding false light while we carry real light real gas GIFs you GIFs utilized what are selected and perfected.stupid boy stupid boy talking to his friends about killing me stupid boy stupid boy I could hear everything stupid boy stupid boy I bought the microphone stupid boy stupid boy trying to frame me with the kill Word well I walked around with my friend and said I Kill you and we laugh to sterically and now it makes sense I could’ve killed you in self-defense. Does our last mean more evil no I’m just talking shit I dwell in the dark and keep the light awful myself so it won’t come out tonight to leave you to your own devices to watch you all fall because I tried to save you all. One by one followers of Charles Manson one by one and scream from hell strangle me a boy strangle me so much phone to look you in the eyes if you really had the potential you don’t have what it took to take the simple list things from me let alone my life it’s like everything it’s like history was he raced and now I see why you keep you in the dark way to hear your screams in hell just like your mistress. There’s nothing that you did that I don’t do better I’m good I can keep secrets because pony boy might’ve stole them. He asked me no questions only use the demon to read my mind thank you dear man for a feeding him only the right information to sabotage him after all they do have to listen to me stupid boy stupid boy playing with chicken bones stupid boy stupid boy I do it on my own. Stupid boy stupid boy fuck me in my sleep stupid boy stupid boy I get an STD stupid boy stupid boy suck my own vagina stupid boy stupid boy except hers to just to prove to you just to make you think I was stupid as you felt guilty I know. Some treasure chest stupid boy stupid boy everybody just uses you stupid boy stupid boy hang me from the tree like finocchio confuse me with somebody else to somebody else stupid boy stupid boy stupid boy stupid boy I’ll tell them that you read to me stupid girl stupid girl open to got in there it was the alcohol I say then he knew I knew I was right what I was blacked out drunk twice but nobody gives a damn they don’t want to believe anything they don’t want to believe a girl like me wouldn’t sleep with people that I hang around with we want to leave everybody just slips for everybody I want to believe that I deserve that but I had bad judgment but you know how lose these people are and I’m gay the whole America is gay because of porn and mommy issues haven’t you ever listen to Pink Floyd. Although in the past it came in handy because he never believe me about anything so he did not to know my weapons and that might’ve saved my life a few times he crushed my extra rib and left no marks because he wished he was in the military in their in their moves he wouldn’t have a demon if you could have watched him he was charged to replace me with somebody else because they don’t appreciate anythingq I wish I could kill you and your friends wish I could kill anybody that believes you over me because how stupid can you be how are you alive how are you breathing stupid people stupid people there are probably the same warrior want to be is so you play with sticks cute.and you’re all sister fuckers not even strong enough of the devil let alone me stupid boy stupid boy The Animals love me the dark and the light who do you think was there creator I am your God boy wake up stupid boy stupid boy I can chill do I control you and I prove their prove there was a God and I prove there was a God because Pirmi Theus has nothing on me I breathe it in there I don’t want Jesus to be here.

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