When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

and I don’t know where it all began. As if I was in a slumber in which I would wake again and again. Constantly changing, forever in my view. My view of the world, sheltered and cold. One day I knew, there would be more. There had to be more and that I was sure. I don’t know how I stayed so hopeful in a world so cruel. I don’t know how I stayed so assured that one day everything would be okay. Maybe because I knew there was more out there. Others out there. I knew I wouldn’t have to be who they wanted me to be all these years. I knew I could break free and that I have done. So why does it feel like I haven’t at all? Because now it is on to the next obstacle and they just keep getting bigger. Just when I think I can breathe and enjoy my endeavors, something else comes along to tear down my doings. Something comes along and builds back up the walls. I never want to be here again. There is nothing for me here. I do not belong here. There must be a way out.

and I don’t know where it all began, again. Somewhere along the way, I did something wrong. Something got confused. What was I thinking? It’s just life, right? Always changing, lingering in the corner. The dark corner of the room, moving around like shadows, but when I look, they are gone. I can’t do anything but wait. Waiting is the hardest part. I need a solution. There is not one anywhere I look. Have I been forgotten? Where did I go? I wish I’d come back. Please help me. I can’t go on anymore. I haven’t any real friends, not one. The more I give the less I get.

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