When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

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I’m going to tell you the very same thing I am going to tell every target who emails me from now on. This is going to be a very very long email. I hope that you get back to me. Feel free to read it a little by little and respond in accordance with how far you’ve gotten/where you are in the email.

I have a few questions:

how old were you when the electronic harassment started?

Do you believe in a maker or creator?
Did you grow up in a religious household if so, what religion do you practice? (If any)
How knowledgeable of you of your maker?
Do you believe that there is a such thing as the devil?
Have you ever heard of the “illuminati” or the occult and if so, how knowledgeable are you?
What kind of things do the voices say to you? Have they ever seemed to be trying to get you to be involved in something you would never participate in? Like the sex industry? or homosexuality? maybe drug use or selling drugs? Do they ever undermine your goals?
What kind of financial background do you derive from? Is your family poor? or are they well off? Are most of your family members accomplished or under accomplished? How well have you done in your own personal life? Did you complete school? I don’t ask this because I’m expecting any money. These voices are torturing me on the fact that I don’t like being talked to when I didn’t even invite the conversation. It’s harassment. Anyway these questions are relevant to motive as I wonder if this impacts people regardless of economic status.
I also ask these questions because: I know for a fact that God is real. He gave me a dream about gang stalking when I was in elementary school. I never ever forgot that dream. It didn’t make total sense back then but now that I get bullied everywhere I go by people I’ve never met, it makes perfect sense over 20 years later.
I also have a feeling that we could be living in the age of the anti-christ. Many Christians say that he is coming but I think he may be here already. If not, he is on his way soon. God is urgently calling His people to come to Him right now. And those who are not answering the call may be getting bullied by the enemy and his minions. Please remember that these demonic influences have been stalking you since you were born.  And based on your individual relationship with God, they can be given permission to haunt you. Sometimes the music we listen to invites them. Sometimes as a test of your inner faith, God may allow it the enemy to do this.
I have left the government out of the equation on purpose but hang tight because I can explain what they have to do with the spiritual part of this.
Satan cannot read your thoughts. He can not be everywhere at once. This is why he has to use other demonic spirits and most of all he uses HUMANS to accomplish his goals. This is why music and the entertainment industry is such an important facilitator. It gives him the ability to imitate God’s omniscience by being inviting evil spirits in multiple places at once. He also is in the process of helping to evolve modern technology in a way where he will appear to be everywhere, the same way that God is. This is why when you look up information about the antichrist you may hear theories about a holographic man who can appear to us all at once. I believe this is in the works already, and this electronic harassment that we are experiencing is all a part of it. We have not even seen the tip of the iceberg of what this technology can do. One day, Satan will be able to use it to kill someone in an instant. Which will put enough fear in the hearts of man to get exactly what he wants. A sinful world. An entire world that sins against God. He’s trying to prove that God is not perfect. Some even believe that he will win and become the Almighty himself one day. It is impossible. He will never posses the power to create any thing you can see. He cannot create trees unless a human creates an artificial one for him. he can’t make people until scientist find out how to clone humans or something like that. And even at that point he cannot give you the skills to do this as God created those skills. Your ability to walk, talk, run, touch, learn and invent – all of these things are the inventions, works and power of God and no one else. Which is why technology, the radio, and the television are essential to satan’s imitation of God’s presence. It helps him to appear God like even though he isn’t.
Now if you think there is one specific person who is mad enough at you to inflict this on you, put it out of your mind unless you know for sure that they access to the financial resources to put your name on a list of people to be targeted, I would suggest you put that out of your mind. The only way a poor person can successfully enlist the “invisible bully” to taunt you is if they are an experienced practitioner of witchcraft and the message gets sent to someone who has the resources. (Which is possible, you never know.) Satan uses people. Him nor his minions can do anything without us. So even electronic harassment is the work of the devil.
Demons don’t need technology to taunt you, but to read your thoughts accurately 24/7, yes, he needs help from the elite to do that.
I also encourage you – if the reasoning behind this is important to you – to think long and hard about your internet activities.
– Do you use social media?
– Is there a particular public figure that you follow on social media?
– Do you look at their pictures or statuses very often? Like more often than you would look at the pictures and statuses of anyone else??
– Is there anyone that you watch closely over the internet? A family member? An ex lover? An enemy?
if none of these apply, I still want to explain why I asked. This demonic organization is looking for any excuse to use their shiny weapons. If they believe  that you possess stalker qualities, they ( the government organizations) will use that as an excuse to take you down.
or maybe:
– have you ever been a victim of sexual abuse?
– have you come from a background of poverty?
– have you expressed yourself sexually over the internet?
– have you viewed porn excessively or viewed a ‘different’ type of pornography? like teens, or children, or bestiality?
I asked these questions because this technology is being used to demoralize people further. It’s implemented to take away any possibility of being saved by Jesus Christ. Based on the traits you possess you may be encouraged to become a part of the sex industry in some way or to facilitate it by devaluing the opposite sex.
if these questions don’t apply to you then:
– do you have a strong political view that you have expressed over the internet?
– do you have an outlook on life that is not typical in comparison to others around you?
– do you stand out significantly in any way? (example: a black sheep)
I asked these questions because one of Satan’s goals is sameness. He has disguised his whole argument as one that seems to be pointing to immorality as a form of an individual right or freedom. But to accomplish this goal of mass disobedience, he can’t have any ‘rebellion’ against his cause. Meaning Satan’s whole mission is a contradiction. He challenged God and rebelled against Him, in order to prove that God should not be the only one who is powerful. Yet in his attempt to replicate and imitate God, he’s spent his time deceiving us and attempting to force us into immorality instead of stepping back and letting us fully decide for ourselves. These days its like bad is good and good is bad. The work place is vicious now. The more of a bully you are it seems the longer you survive these days. People look up to those who do wrong. He imposes immorality on us in the same way he claims that God imposes His laws. He’s even trying to enforce immorality by silencing those whose political views do not line up with the acceptance of immorality. So if you oppose homosexuality, if you stand up for oppressed women, or an oppressed race of people – if you stick your nose in a situation like climate change – this demonic organization will stalk you in an attempt to change your views to suit what they want, or eliminate you completely. Now, many other factors play into this. It’s never just your political views. It’s your political views in conjunction with who you are as a person.
With that being said, if you are an easy target they will do this to you for absolutely nothing. They don’t need a specific reason. Some scientist claims that the world’s population needs to be cut down significantly or the earth will not be able to sustain us. Meaning there won’t be enough resources and to be honest there are millions of people on this earth who are short on resources now. Whether this is due to the selfishness of the western world or overpopulation is still questionable. There are people who have never sent an email or seen a computer in their entire lives. Some have never even seen a bathroom.
I feel that’s a big part of this actually. To keep the real reasons behind things like world hunger and poverty hidden. To prevent us from ever really standing up and ending unnecessary evils like hunger. There is enough for all of us but the mass effort is not there. Not enough people are helping. Think about it. Harassment has the ability to erase your individuality and force you to submit to whatever the bully wants just to avoid or lessen the abuse. Why wouldn’t the powers at be want to harass free thinking people on a mass scale in order to mold them and shape them into the type of society that they want?
This is psychological warfare and it’s very effective if you do not have a strong enough belief in God. If you don’t have a will to fight back – even if fighting back means nothing but sticking to your ideals and political beliefs no matter what  – it can take you captive and even kill you.
It’s all the work of the enemy which is satan. This is why even if you beg and plead it will not stop. It will never stop because satan has no remorse or sympathy. Your agony pleases him. The only thing that would displease him is your loyalty and dedication to God. Even then the attacks may persist. Because sometimes God needs to know that you won’t give up on Him. Sometimes you have to pray and keep praying and repenting for a long time before anything changes. If this is the case – don’t give up.
I encourage you to please accept Jesus Christ in your heart. Things will not change overnight. People don’t want to believe in God because they think he is a genie who gives instant gratification. If it were that easy He would just show up right now, prove to the whole world that He is real, and destroy satan once and for all. He would come down here and end hunger, and disease right now. But it’s not that easy. God is complex, and the reason why he has allowed so much pain and misery to continue on this earth is beyond our understanding but  I’ve learned that it’s partly because He also allows us the free will to be good or to be bad people.  Without humans, cancer would not exist. Guns would not exist. Neither would aids or any other illness. We made the choices that brought these diseases into existence.
By the way, God has come down on to this earth before in the flesh. He came through His Son Jesus Christ. People also don’t want to believe that. But what they don’t know is:
– Spirits are not allowed to roam this earth without a flesh body
– satan and his minions come onto this earth illegally
– God himself made it so he can not come down here in the spirit. God is everywhere. But what I mean is His spirit is not going to come down and reveal itself to you in it’s true form. God made it illegal for spirits to do that. And God cannot lie nor does He break the law.
– this is why it was necessary for Him to come to earth through the body of a woman.
– this is why the Holy Spirit lives in you and me and guides us through life from the inside instead of out.
Think about how AWESOME that is for a second. God became one of us. He was a toddler once. He had to learn how to walk, and talk. It’s possible that He laughed and giggled. That He cuddled with His mother at night. He definitely ate food among us. He used the bathroom (lol). He had conversations. He put on clothes. God got dressed everyday like we do. He had to take showers and groom Himself. He was one of us. The only difference is He did not Sin. Because He was God and He knew better. He even prayed to Himself. Meaning He was God in the flesh, but He still had His own separate human mind like we do. He still had free will like we do. He even DIED the same way we have to. And He died for us. He died so that you and I could have a million chances to repent for our sins and to join Him in the kingdom of heaven. Why would we be forced to be born against our will, go through the pain of life in general, just to die and go nowhere? That doesn’t make any sense if you believe in God.
Sorry for the long email, I got carried away. lol but I hope that if you are still reading to this point, – i hope to have helped you in some way and to have given you a sense of clarity about things. Feel free to email me anytime about anything.
Oh yeah, as far as making it stop. I’m over it. I realized that Satan does not give up. No amount of trying to fight against the system will stop what’s happening to me. It’s not my war. This is a war between him and God. Satan has just been putting us in the middle of it this whole time. My goal is to enter the kingdom of heaven. To kick my bad habits (like smoking! ugh!!!!), to forgive these gang stalkers and family members who have turned on me, and to go to a place where bullying, sickness, financial pressure, abuse — no pain exists. Heaven is real and I want to go. I’ve also decided to go to therapy (eventually) and tell the whole truth about what’s going on. I wonder where that will take me.
I am still figuring things out, and I hope you answer my questions as it will help me to assess the similarities that all targets share which may also help me to draw a clearer conclusion as to why this is happening. There are so many possibilities and if I can narrow it down to one thing that every single target has in common, then I can at least use this information to effective inform and help other people.
God bless you, and I hope that you achieve the peace in your life that you deserve. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

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