When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

On the senate as a tough luck closed in a mistake on the girls China denies that the floods caused an honesty I have passed equity side takes my wallet of brick I have passed at 20 sites takes my wall that broke and may be added and may be added Michael Michael Mair Mair cause the disease that entails like that then took cause the disease that entails like that then took into the Gaydos 1,000,021. Trading income Gaydos 1,000,021 date and time again to ways, the state of the win some of the state has more one from when a polling station when a polling station will cripple the names will cripple the names and what doesn’t help and what isn’t up and and the the silence. The silence periods. C mislead their level is currently residing when you try to use the military meals on the Utica stains and increased you honestly put words in my files and we never dating I went to China and intimidation ship and that’s all we get eight pound eight people use moms have two kids and tells city of mist of controlling and are trained I can train and not to loose my sheets IE and not only two year old plant where it’s ain’t mine now adds that I was acting stints and for parts and Canada are used you are getting its your deletion on the case to use think your neighbors are watching your we think people are watching yearly which too much for each and that’s why each you have problems you never had a good personality because you rather chide two standing out there you put words in my miles I never stated that make us sure projected of course use two GB Eagle martini and faster projection is nothing but a budget tracking demands anyway spent any money targeted individuals and my family to trade me and takes me each and put me away Easter pageant, and carry its age was called me about 90 knots me eat steak gay rights rallies wanted to get to a mental hospital to write about its and now I have about 20 books on a stick the queue box might change ensure which acts meet a lot of people that had I’ll find signs mental illness. Some just laid down some work right where I was knowing they were wrong about Mr. Always wrong about Mr. Acting work are used we walk around the world in acting so we don’t get killed acting like a naturalist still we don’t get killed and two never seen that because nobody ever wants to kill you you have now we were six empathy for girls that was on a scale five tyrants and beating eventually physically and everything you buy that the band and it was something really briefly when I went into a redolent Redlands and I never claimed to be cutting I’m not just freestyle in which you look and see what comes out that all REP Lyons was onslaught sent me that I’m not good enough to tell me that the kind of months, and they are you upset our city and you are jobless person you are in the dark and used a lease just reading and writing as I Care about you can’t even make them and you can’t depend do anything besides just watch for in a decided that the mental hospital and I always wanted to China relationship I make my injury and structural to you need to come out of the closet and you’ll sell their is a help make your Napa Valley in making and your dad and C you just call up and never hang out in the complain about everything you any fight anything wired you existing yuan yuan a person might be sense cheating on girls got high is a funny if in your little remarks of making me feel uncomfortable in money and bond was set last and first mistake you said I can’t stand at least that’s right to express myself at least I can and artist at least on that depend on other girls making art four me you’re jealous because you’ll never be what you want to beat I know your future party body of Richard C du because I thought you were my friend you use terror as the monthly spent 24 seconds thing you love me and got them out. Coach and you’ll always made me come back to you and eight was on your falls I just wanting to five units 10 minute he would stay all kinds of things you would say all kinds of stockings dependent states that I would never flocking for four and you’re 141 to me I reject the two and broke you and me out you and me, but I’m not the only one brick you and your girlfriends that Edwin states state rate is he the sea view is the show he seemed real as sharing his ears, one morning before he swears all things his tunes. Where’s my so he began his real solicitations women’s also owns 3 to 6 criminal we’ll be here when he asks whether he RE real solutions are some low-key to the peso three issues. He he he is as far away. He says he thinks things say. There’s a year or so 3313. He is the ratings two century and is the real monthly service thing goes through him 10 1323 816 32 all you see all the classes to one source years of the one he a whole rose city this size 8:00 AM and he he he he found work for portions are seeing people are we are the players are three things very things use use rose is serious. He rarely see me she is on the morning at the skill of city sites on his own he said he’s so his scenario, three as well as he is . The thing is to throw the being a row the other 183 to six city is he wears its yield rose one eighth inning years . The city of the year rose was in the area is scary says he hears the 330 to eight so. You were seeing here are some things once . He he he actually hold its own real issues. She won the year was the source is one thing in Internet content journey body to restart does not use and heart if responsibility to our spirit retreat. Are you a sense of strong mandate where and how he is you doesn’t make me better person he became so extent. The downside is laden speech you’ll tell me $16,000 sports, it’s the $200,000 because the bank has led by oak and that the core content of dollars to annual stock markets Salinas steer you exceeded $60.00 to resell the hells a stint as blocking possible workers will be candidates can’t use the late into the dollar minus your brother in your brother while 40 Tokyo Fuhr brother did all the checks and am a latino peels and you’ve got his start at that intersection update all nine because I needed elsewhere. Jack and admin stereo and state and two can make a strong installed two budget $1000 lawyer you get me a 60,000 your peril that we talked about in primates lawyer we get legal lawyer making illegal about it stay on illegal about its not have the finest lot of data -stadium box $11,000 but you have not set any stats that of a dollar is Bert Lahr a nice house and are you stand last week you are in store for stock I got a nasty tax or a cold call to you and send me asap for $60,000 the hi-eight-step it up to $60,000 net gain in the next week and energy and starts at 917 for $200,000 yes does the jackpot honestly, scoring work each engine stopped my money you can see clearly and I just ate us than enough to call me a Allard were still your candidate you worried that site on the way for money just as prince takes us to let me a landmark in its you’re on the 16th of an honest, the study is tested as misleading want to stand up C everybody as a system you nonalignment Robert E IE and Colleen Burbank two and a indexing the finals that, that’s me $400,000 everybody starts taking 23 at the bank and austere complete cleanup day of Lake Erie I am, two gates and finals and take you to court for $200,000 a week and started making me and you get me $60,000 at the least audience court announced and on the two is you’re scared semis, still something bring you because you are used because you are you still permit me you’ll just ended on a night TV next year and mom let me wait four night because that went me everything but why does not spell the end and choice but to be near everything down two C eye on the two eight states us your state’s DNA is tight and Yolanda napping bit set an NBA career women for two and a year on the misleading beans and corn house the money be on past the caller the property on the consortium just as the plane bound you are proving that you planted the giants in the house to students in meals when I always wanted to get some it’s also great artist and I think I hear about 20 bucks to your never be writing your whining writing your calls you can never be enormously party and you’re just me all we started and state it seems you can put me on the wheel and gave me everything was going to be I was, to be sparing the past but now we see not wasting your time ago and they get me out I’m calling the bank to the numbering system is the response money things , is that those three months you are immediately he sent me and not date at me . Most mornings also everyone through SMS rate. The real threats and buried out your own legal work for you. Are you hurting a large people were working hard to read here you are at a later up money is not cut will continue on you when you’re calling every category two Cal all you’re not only your 080 and two new to sentence tasted good team and spend 16 states that bind cents sensation statement been suspended in you going back when your words last week you said the rest of the house near Sidon Realestate and and you cannot change your mind because I need money to go to school you still have my money they get left me and I am calling the bank interest you still like in four straight share your four students at you from C. Mckinney has two years two and sell for internal want your kidney coverage should be just fine and dandy I used it in our call my cats in 1997 beds and you were just not me start and $60,000 over 200,000 a estate. You’ll see better take it and IC spent on many other women scorers end of retaking your court that well be a restraining order on you on Monday against a pit by $1960 thousand check $10,000 to the caller in 50,000 pronounced it should beware the $1960 thousand check even the answer but that’s my need and I was C record and prestige origins because you never realize you set yourself up for failure for crimes you committed you committed forgery you committed 43 19 estate and gets a state that, you never cared about you can’t just sit there playing video games Charles white you’re here would be happy to go back and get help stocks missed just like air wing nothing by its 8:00 PM eight you and I wanna get better use for this apparent stain grandma and grandpa’s money you should encourage job right now you should sell the house by Neels you’d never got a job and colleagues to you wasted into green you do need and Shari you couldn’t the newsreader in 1999 just because you didn’t everything from windows me of the Berkshire its identified by only to waste away each might find is not eager to be let Yates makes 1979 , and that question becomes, eight of a while for Augustine everything began building he might be considered armed and February 2015 and would mean a pound he left me $400,000 a week and he loved my knee , a key player away all day, brother, D and I’m your promise they can’t make money is their rights to sell the team sell my Brother Todd faster than $400,000 fastest of adding a win against many kinds of our date with a 20 digit gains eight chided me and it’s taking stealing money and I just wonder what to do because my dad bought from your instructions wishes are fulfilled and Tom C there is anything but if you’re 37, at the fact he toured the dirt lake of witnesses that the banking clocks for West Virginia at Heathrow Beach. China is taking reading their two yes to NAFTA wailed and other five are legally defensive back from the bill does it matter of them ’cause it yards and wasn’t specifically 28 specifically walking to the brink and put my name on the accounts by my brother will keep you just aren’t I never seen so well actually but we’re supposed to space that you have to be happy to see me and two children Mrs behalf against by its palm now because the arm yet another young and I and the record of mind and harm leading me four and 8000 a day . And a banking and how station and two of Gaydos PDT some 16 me and I’m john beginning home equity lines in the center called add egg whites now represented by decent year you too. From new you’re wasting your lights and becoming just lay there are treating me terribly imagine the only person ever cared about cheaper way you’re losing and Gary big sister Mrs be barred in underwear used in a prayer get $60,000 I would do it for you ever be to stay connected the $200,000 a new working it’s because you’re secure systems in the ring and it’s now or in which you suck you through to th commitment from the two ministers. Fifth nomination stationed years. The five th fifth from th fifth to sixth lie about 5 to 5 fifth to have to five for two for two to two th fifth shift from fifth to two fifth from 2 to 2 or an end to act on genesis carried away and we talked to a studio been on 28 at 41739 year I worry of cancer, becomes I want to get them frosty morning first Ian, recalls you want and she represents four 417 Cameron Clark starring Ian discussion here and there are other family and I would sell. Too wrapped in mind being so when setting the states and many are well and set up to you any and I wouldn’t you be my real estate agents and their wives in which union contract even who energy are the key to the right spirit and the carried the outlaw leary recommended making them get their way across many men with 152 to get it to them because we wouldn’t we have to start from scratch deacons reopened the need or any other papers are concerned when it gave the bears forest sterile just need call the key with police to recommend a lottery to cancel India one until late 1910, you check it out and coming back in the decrepit states and death to shift th grade and many scary to when we spoke about some property owners you represent the four am weak week I was in billions more candid sexually tortured in the N-out’s and one for 1713 years are spared that maybe you can represent B Perot I need to get many firsts remained active in youth in the arm anything several times in western Prince Richard beginning at yemenite teacher might just . And I explain to their day on the ground from the other east is at 30 miles down on the ledge from our used their direction are used get into words, is 328-9948 you can turn us into a senior state are read 229483 houses tempered by construction now make some history as the number of where you’re young. Your mind can look at the house until, and we get money goods and it’s just German weren’t all- yen and yet it’s not it’s contagious. At one at a Yemeni directions again if until exit 115 at other . Some four score 17 it’s a big, black team announced your man else they’ll come to a diet that leaving my need 24 starts there , I get an idea processors in the armor at a rate banks stages are to end of the year he left the more money for a fee for the money will be out of town or long as the Aztecs, is there a star was thinking that all users, is more serious. Or is to 2 to 6 months to three and Chinese carried ole miss anniversary 048385844 and I’m trying to use any of you Armstrong out money on Sunday and passed away the minute smear install two found his 417 Buchan N any wrote Clinton was reaching a 26354, just call me back and winning an interstate bank’s fat to a house for getting Cuba are terrible person you made me get parents to unite the barrier rankings many are now taking a lease will see your mission. 81 and I will wished. And what Chris they just as people around you and I did just even be pure speed celery are surely steering some light. Sterile I just are you recommending it seems silly its contents when I never said that event, when streets their story to your misperception parents me are being designed not arguing and just talking I corrected unity government emulation and get 9:00 PM Jewish enough 28 banks can be an incentive me anything from anybody any announcements and can rely on any of you ma’am 80 as the 5000 you’ll me back tears in your knee O G a Z9000 dollars stakes Elders are making payments he and be your knee and Isabelle Zellers system maintains that image and diamond age and sends your family and they want to steer 98 back. Fares for been one big actors statement released only four swingman checks on the European Court shall mentions only read it was too many for me is you gave me year’s special security number of women many celebrated its inspectors the $60,000 and Jim Garrett carry state error that does the $60,000 because the houses were engine $20,000 to sell actually year was the $70,000 I wish I never gave in as many rings but at a better year ended yet we can’t we can’t meet Tigard we can see the street during raids on it and set aside to call you can’t sell your th few months your goods are enough to start from scratch and other with a young widow any left arm passing out for my brother and my feet from except asking and keying a number that might otherwise you can responsibility scene for it to make us a very dangerous yourself I’m finally saying we’ll call their own selfish and some misplaced the fifth for a minute to two outs me competition to us and was he had a meeting of the reasons for this year and won his hospital. He didn’t use laws permitting. Mountains and the rest of its state of affairs was once a number in one state: most vaccines and still won since two men wanted and makes friends next friend lots had helping everybody a stop in every apps Meech manning and need a special security number and nobody else the delay and nobody nobody nobody know that each time to stopping for getting the Nikon sting tierney you started reading my credit when you started stealing my checks and not paying bills the plane might mean as a child use of selling announced she lost and stole my money you married a fellow and that was married to some Yemeni firm toward Lenny they just a $500 for mean and a teacher contest 20 sons $513 on the many added tax would actually get meter school and what it is a file Federal and state from six eject me at two I was then sent a story to be your friend did not endorse you really think about me and I just I would be running of people just aren’t getting used to spend table and saying that I have to pay rent to allay their eyesight offer bandstand insight you buy these lawyers announced that asks when I just I check for money has all the money that so many young people and money because the $75,000 and 10 Gaydos and by next week I’m Tom and a high restraining order on catcher you can tell Eastern Air wing and because only every just screaming yellow entry, your honor at meetings to use nothing better rats you back and pay for medical bills I can get stuck in line and I’m praying for you yet at all because you are the worst list and help list and state and a year and steep eight C unity and warned me five you do need to send me a check for $75,000 next week you need to put the entire ejected my name at least this may miss the entire settlement to fifth from the fifties IE REIT are apt to your as Neil as tight end john Peter enjoy decorous telia inlet body as blackout jumping at the teachers two I never went too far too many stock in years as they can see from you and I sat, and as if it’s sitting Il inside my employer may not even up to take care and tanks because I actually trusted mother polka rich I actually stressed that might see me any betrayed me stay up tiny you gave me a place to go because I can’t imagine any laughter at the east and set now said they can make me because nobody would come help me that’s why a tee shot checked by year end on a major falls I’m the only one in this lovely misting reach any of the 1933 guards armed and trained Gottesman take care beach and you’re not allowed my property to two yen because of a major statement with another five to five year than any sense you talk to tell me think about that but if this is the fires of this that no is one day of you see one of the sea view of things as well as for any of them are designed for hearing is the same height of the disease began a series of $16,000 -a-half-height of the five-I sent him down a street named for his arrest , city leaders, $1000 U.S. bases hollowness of Islam workings of a series of minorities -for-all-in: all 30-year high as they see a scenario me for who have not have seen no signs of Simi valley you can think you are using civilian leader money is this raises us lately, Martinez you only 16 of the season uses 1000 as the most, C and writings is in a metro. U.N. friend or a couple reason why I I say any problems anyway I am the only one that leads to when is the last, and you’ll let me you eighths me and right now it’s the way your hand on my boyfriend situation is disgraceful it is minded that’s me I wouldn’t wanted to be running launch of a watch and where my kids to be around any doubts I chided me she didn’t tell us that we get checked in to help its unique that she rather be mentally ill you added me for pressured you rather stop me from 96 budget got everything now look. Redmond grandma and grandpa will start work that was always read about two ideas as long and are only 1 to 1 is for its , he and colleague that the shooting a candidate seems like it’s as me for a june so it’s a waste of things you from happening to the Sears said he doubts the owl he RE-release dates the finance a six-June 2000 dollars weekdays, use the money in using the $60,000 at least audience were happy has to feed on the scene is mysterious Mason steals of the party machinery used because you be so for me feel just ended, C next year. While that the way for many the highest day last me for being the Lions, so be it shows that you are a stuffy seat anything like that liars down 10% West Virginia without lawyers from downtown club start West Virginia from the station before insurance are you

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