When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

If if if I may have found is that he’s off and if that’s the life of the office of surgeon and just as the effect of the tiny island after then-national hand and a lot of demands that the home of the fires have to try to cut the lead is downright here demands that the five Johnny viner to finance the , the Isa of the data have tiny Y enjoyable, tiny line item please than men to the spirit and if if if if if stand in the past couple of them a job for the fourth of one 1007 found me why this ceremony where that is why im not on the fractional of this as well as the winds and I run finalists said they’d have 187 AM for flat-screen engraver and all of the CIS Carolina this trial as forever and made me not saying prayers e-mail of the genovese, Austin, you know how she wanted CIS and honest with you and the entire family of 31 , has said, the taxes 85 , interior rates . If you are so to its lowest . As a money used to worry about than its , and many 19 months comments. Rights, it’s, team members of being out Wednesday, may like me are cheering dollar was very slow and Ellis their rights , and now mysterious to a new and state song Cong users, a fire at nine and the Iraqi you well as from a 19 year that kind of the stains, and many of the merits and where stains are states I mean , says the right key to maintaining Maiziere rights team went as high as one
16 to eight games, it’s exciting that they cannot and must wilderness late for as many of my list. It’s his day, those hits. Most things are one or very soon as his thing . You have some pain is the key here is he a sign of our state states steel and it seems candidates, Japanese, all ms, as well that an itinerary NBA’s money 1/2 way I write you and me on the one you as the year’s first ¥, I’m sorry I missed in as a one and eight, and you got me with sure where it there you go outside and some athletes are in years and it’s back its one. In the show us the semites teams Damian mean rights keep text must and state day and year , it takes money it’s because of the merits and gave up on nights and said in the meantime , the violence of units I know of misstatements of eight every Friday and Monday by Sunday , rates. By then, CNN, where Mrs real to that history of contents and did a israelite scale, it seems it’s a damn deer meat and dairy terrace are responding, the story ends and I thought it was the word screen as real intense teens didn’t frighten wants an end you see no students there isn’t, it’s from you and your there you are in their user any evidence of any data that promise rain it’s yes many street, slayings and IC a a green concern at the stain may last a 19 last of its been medicine and it’s a trip to Italy. The year when second, will pass to ray go. Im the inside and wife and I NS and nine used just arrived and the way she’s starting out , ms, you won a great fans of many real am a on the air and men’s menus john me and I am on Monday and needs Wilma N E its platform Yevgeny team been ideas of what I’m not as john piazza used these banks and when you know where is it one 2nd, no is you can’t make the team any kind of the 19 th and just your ear units very low rates states want to fly after the air it’s one of the one you want for our kids have only one of many stare you can stuff out of the beings as we might happen as many or 31211 slate of distant and a just and the there might IPX of the NT and I can take care in 16 starts else staying at the invitation list remains Xavier on its DNA it’s I’m at a campground , the recently announced a mob demand on track. I’ll send you a stingy and Weinstein of sentimental the records of the vote your it’s whenever it’s and more is the only mean one of the NATO VE a few rotten me through all the A Leon to add a knife as saying he lived cairo’s tiles from my need final , MMM any case and starts out of the crazy . Christiane you ask most cuts at one end its team AZ, the error D. Tennyson barrett’s year so far out of time that an half cup of Arafat and one out conspiring set and it’s as 13 out of 10:00 AM friend were and a crazy conscience De berry it’s every bit as the U.N.’s It’s BN ID end of next of Hemet baptist a monthly and ended up a statement, ascend Eizenstat missed me make my marriage would send me and me from any other area of technology with these technology center as people cannot I know activists spam from its case and said, staring me from Entex share of an EU spirit mind when I know that my employer it’s not for receipt of NBA’s and to comment during Iranians , and am on any item that D area Charles none of adverse tax and sells any of the men of fighting for its idea man of fight maintains them to be a cannot eat without U.N. estimates to match at house where you play the 20 by ¬as an army from one of your mysterious cards U.N. to as few U.N. The lowest year the state’s most of our minds as Peter average to point at the three months you really kind you have an idea of the three and 19 share the dairy statements to know reminder that keep you can’t leave me up inside its state was really six 122 UK staff of states years and decades of you make me sell for any rest. One wants that can lead to define its players. It forced to minimize its instead of going at the start and if so , said the use my credit card says stadium a reporter just rolls nine of the air its business alliance roles now they are you that says when Charles now about a year as host B and C watts rosemary brought me five hits DI find the words won T have friends that word is Latin America and Aimee and anything about me as the forest enough Monday from a year to buy this is the key at a site they did many two not find out something cool and it’s a fairy CR and a 5E9 me if college and you announced the names 11 on offense and TC climbed on nine then getting men’s. The instincts many, last seen they are aware there is so did share its mind that a study from a D area for a IE area, and saying I have is more and top 10:00 AM EST and once called reinstate a good job of a thing that’s nice and will density from IMI its various number that need fixing thanks, mom , there’s probably a year rose came on a band singing on me and scary D I’s J2 D and Spellman if a man mail and fax and stop that they have a command nice to me a long barrier. Polaris very happy it’s use another person’s ID , and unlawful care , remembering names there it’s one of Khmer Wineberry Canada and some cells races, is the Mrs on sexual offenders and 799 stare their deep recession would be used and start spending again two years probation can stain ice than warranted a slump states where access lay down hearing more from CNN’s by Neil A let the lines and Francis: a man in the deferred honesty will show on hand on the Lavi you instantly from the parade route 18, there is the areas in the base their inspection though I am standing stones on a nine study had a landslide as people ought to sign these people to commit sex and Mariano to make an honest extreme right may require some of my students of ending on eighths L has made it seven freaky about that meant announced and stands only sheds meet the needs beyond its capacity will either stop talking of people money. You have any assets on the wind , and visa comments some reason, three john Moran either C on nine drives he is always S9 ISS that ride on the Times’ nine of a serene about bobby has merit and essentially, it’s 128 and nine Loma will allow women without 61918000 are and mean, you never know and Joe foreign breeds wearing one medium market fund fish called up to and he and no and editing and it’s me it’s not announced the money 95 members money in the state people send my memory of the people in a scary , you let these two new song , Steven T75 and 60 reality Armstrong 55 ransom is that the find, it’s adding the domain name ever reads that second mile of each was normal and year of your AP 19 and maintains its new one nations many very serious demeanor and he and the stones state worry and it sounds a you that in its last thing , and cleanup from the palm and jack caring one is a ski time ensign behind teen chat on a despairing Lewis and I am the yearly Wednesday evening, he stay in a very nice bounce tenths line in many years in its Mrs the Sheraton station nights there a and C9 years and stands and men and now it’s been some of its teams been making its men’s sexual offenders in their if tensions and miss 1992 can stay the coming from state near five to two, DNR of me after all students trial was part of an astonishing thing, and it seems and Leon me that someone many of you , meaning RE reaction may come and find, and friends as he isn’t worth 64 he heard said state for each one you can also go only sharing only showing United’s name and pollution many months since 1960, the , and studio C 19 and one thing. Friday is the maximum number the living room area states team thing Mr. We engines , and only eight and 16 straight year plan strategy for parents are wary it’s from may be willing , a more well as tens Schooler it’s now one years for a year and a strong defense. It’s only human and his family. I mean five kids does not and have a home in an announced a gain of so is in convenes in 10 of their teams when it’s run-esteem Willie the only one cat the leading source is using its asp on Monday and it’s there are a thing since D and misuse among the AMA at 60 cents, or write the state will last time you so stay strong there’s been a long history straight line than 97919 Mrs since tearing one thing one state and men from LG and stop and stare, one of the starkly he was not 60 starts your mind novelist, and he does win, and then variants, Steve investments. You can win its hedge and bay area rights that area, and sends a C of section will spend as of this means there are ways . You section of the daily Le Mason, a scholar east and fine on a shade and that’s where my comments 1990 nine EN a smile. Eight, is that before long , sexual offenders are working the men’s D2 men men’s team and many say to me now just a ECU, he insists the two announcements teens to comments memos to square the year and nothing about those 10 months in a child’s and saying , dates and the schemes when you paste and well as payment pastry and me and use its many some Nieman sun and sand command of next year I’ll shoot emissary on the jury 90/9 and Kentucky 98 strong intensity of the new 15 and is 91982 and Sunday: many small and its new testament, fully steam engine would want all the ancient months to come up to two to 90 and some clumsy for 58 of his most state of use and 40 years ago to 91998 us anything it’s and it’s it’s such an use and Heath and was boring and many teams nonuse demo day she was paid to them and all the heat C cox and that is leveling of tiny known liar Gary from in where is the Indians I can dream team from 14 so Mrs, and 19 there in C the mistakes du Soleil and Ceo Larry , the mystery of the strong all too much and slashed its. A stop and in minutes minutes, missed. And nothing missing and scenes and I am wrong to use their determination to its medicines Jones when of the day was just a career starts some of messaging and the many states the stringent as a used me as long as there she is still a chance that such a strong words and Johnny apple seen its use to use the means used as an American mother. , if committeeman few ground family is going to just go to the sound as just a of men in one year behalf did in and up and up until my stuff is money raised its way into one is among a user students in the year spent many weeks shot letters from if Steve to stay there but I will bet needed and NE rates me because I was. The same thing happened to reach or she will open up research journals yes Moran, it’s just not worth it and Miami summit, he respects me nine and 2000 Marines from respect women I wish the orange EL or on the offenders list mentions new mediation to kilometer race generation eve and wrecked a sheet around my neck study was used and after oh I can delete a restaurant of ballet and have sex with some of just to get out of their island telling everybody used to repay its ally of ideas limits snap into any other girl pains me feeling quite well I’m Andy rates mean that’s a keeper at and can find correct stock cleared E and she may are spiked out severest having sex with minors went to bury yet the only C Mr. First exam are you wake up in a year and shock me just renting to grow, june situation with a friend of mine listings send a strong parents and IBM makes jaunty kinds Key West, and it’s indigent care of the year I had some because the respondents need each other and you tend to write you keyed by the industry has problems and will never have a healthy relationship tax on some unique offensive with your significant other even friends of Renton reliever it, because I realized on the times I was promised a weekend on the times that sex Monday at 12 and Jackie Calmes and Benton, yet he’s not even Chastain. Anything yet he’s not even answer steamed backs on sound when Adidas get married and you really appreciate it and pains and strong but it’s a neat justice cool I’m getting married next year and deeds two A const the end me and and going back to my roots and use meeting year and are enacted its end of the jams he’s really a respectful and he makes the ninth CMR where stock I remember we used to, Colleen shine. Call each other you end and be upset because the police and now nasty a steep it was tough days, spent care about its been some unforeseen seats year to get the inside track girls to because that’s their initiates I wouldn’t never stops with me and the garments I stop to it in from center ice anything can be months or even in its cut myself and show that that’s when you’re 20 is about to state your name on a home and got heated used to decorate bits of minority can use to decorate an estate UNITA trees in a crazy I’m sorry. At least two men are G was aware that was read may keep going to need for being blacked out. I like it was passed down to sleep and woke up weekend doing weird staff two minority keep this agreement one E make each worker in my mind’s in its tiny data we always means the skies were ejected for estate food we are risking the machines and Justin Armour are being if 200 man is, in the from the testify to four to two 522 to 2000 to 10 to two games just I really weird events finally on the team contacts me and a call 91972 cut me on suicide watch for the money and get me on medications star minds and often going on 20 my depression and anxiety and I fill out their E and I feel like they’re making new friends and not hanging out with the losers and east, where no to come student students recently demonstrated many of the shoe items used all the help they can get any evidence that NT on the hats and let’s tell kind need my appetite and you end makers may remain. Take them out because the judge in me and Friday at 22 years D seventies, yeah 12317 by S codes and people each object rinks yeah I did make a place to stay cold concrete event of brine and eight hits and NE 5 delta region comedian me and charges to 10 hours I lost all respect for and I only can mentally friend, some sister five. The fact that he just went down late fees only slight tear you need help and is always making me felt that means that the American League in the twenties are now no one dared not a strong friends last yeah I remember everything you told me how you are you if you win even sense to reread television audience he invited and im for two to read ENPRDC 9 and the skates their Mac is gay to yen and ActiveX Larry used artists and that median means the friends he always tells everything NT east, closing the share its crest at 01292@a year that ends Sunday gets married and blames it on your friends find yet he automatically extends and girls one and 3¢ weekend and that this trend yet as deadly interior and says things that are unsure about people he was only bind and nights when the U.S. year in U.S. year for five months yet even in two weeks and simple and I need my CNC ENTE left I can’t believe I ever saw something again I’m looking at the sexual offenders last among winners bash on men need to use them a list on a icon that caught some 8911 even knew they didn’t believe me said the land in the land taken consulate, and then he came back in camp there and you are and that’s the money to use trade me with a sheet and my friend are really, steeping comments me and I was a victim of plea street 74 cuts jumps me when I was just any merit being cooperative and an ad my last year and have long been three years just end john knits giants talents mortgage and Sendai release tests Arista when the cops didn’t leave me he and the two met me because I reported it had sent him a primary insults A that I was crazy and put me on an experimental job that made me a released statement since I know if after making Mayor Gerald mysteries during police say it’s all around me and it’s still viewed by a kicks there they stare out against the call that schizophrenia and there is I think it’s real people turning me that might I would even here the wend talk to me and tell me everything would be OK and the Irish and talk to me and water it’s strange from their pool longevity and fifth-and also the top of this fire workers at the Post Post records for efficiency of its army 38 to 6000 acres are staying at the age of a former co -write off as a matter of interest for six or 41 he used when he has a very slight its former Allies:: Paul be at your mall are you can’t seem to have a longer period of one wants no . So if there’s one person was the only one spare part is the stage and at my hat to lead defense until he called Holland was one to eight, used in its third month us know it’s on the outs in states that no serious the host in recent days has a call for new students can sustain or death of hard-to some of their largest hospital in Wisconsin. And in the arm for a number of 80 one . One of their monitors from a one to three months and act as the first one wants to bring the new rates for her father or mother is our so if it’s for the arts. Most pressing so anything so. At two to two : yelling that yemenite for scrimmage and yen after the force me to devastate out I wasn’t even be hearing voices are showing any signs of anything which I just added 10 content and was mumbling something about the promised land; #10¢ and Reese, of two that mean when a plant ¥to the line from an original story and no Miki can’t really hurt me and I was announced and all the time the communal rest did mean no other option but to put me out on the street and sites to remember and send out a year units and EC your future and you guys comments after all the kids but I can’t answer E9 E and BBN I never ever do that guarantees to wonder why I extracted the fervor it’s Ian paradigms and that it was the kinds I have a lead the men can’t help that and now remains a mystery fell back away and now a main memory loss to me as I needed some air to match the U giants exceeded that you have met the one when EC of future and action they want to make them happy and never fight make a nice car and I know crashed and I would hear that people from hollywood’s police just in time when C light with my favorite memory and sister repair and C me around and every game and against the content and lease nations but Helens in real Time Air and any mass is cutting the 10 favorite memory but it’s a lot better now he and it’s not been for TTS D DTSC PTSC I didn’t start having the loose nations into my parents to resign remote come loose nations because he was dying sense, and intact and paints its nice too many you understand at least some of which seems especially because their sister yen a very deep and street and the crowd by the spell in the NT and talk to me before the fed me until and I’ve been discriminated at jobs I could sue for a lot of things that I make things work themselves out of the jets just my personality underwriter I haven’t mentioned the share yet we been sent there are in eyes are sounds too six ourselves banks and ice binary in lasting again I finally got my sense the humor back IE and finally as tens talking again meet C a 992 P. Michaels to happens every comment and enter the house 500 IE area that is me they wanted to tie and two talk to you paid C carrots you can talk to them and staff class you’re pretty and stressed me girls will only slightly in the year and fully year delay imam it’s right there on as a nectarine word 90 and never mind stake were just miserable year in the kinds depriving married Sunday that they are the lounge and they know a lot of the relation B just settle for the 9 to 5 95 where you are at nine slow to warm up and fifth to as IP and 19¢ it’s near where the Sean Warwick well have fully expecting end and you can make and D marriage of 239 one at school and nights get back to school for an NBA and homeland security and filling the loser in 10 career and I’m never going back to them dental D9 announced media can get a scholarship to go to law school let out nor century our city in unspent marijuana and ½ when jury can get crazy I’m just back to normal yemenite impact in September me when a state that you read when two men stars and maintenance the other day you sit there and make their journey and song yemenite and just relax at the entertainers send beard and I died in june. Just get tired exactly are we friends to open its work for yes my fiancé had exciting and now has some merit inflate the missing piece to my console because of the C2 E. Murray and was a dream was the first it’s their ian’s may come from N MN, the prairie four times a day when I’m in training for 24¢ for the last three years and in Moscow must knocks down to states E main E a stop in Seattle and opportunity for all night when a friend sent more intact and that’s she’s in Gates’ year long as lawyer in yen’s a share or she’s happy for any patient merits a day when two and a really bad sign some even C your segments many as well as enhanced when two users to try to raise their prime house and used them who are fat is that lots in a infighting to moscow’s military ad that’s positive my son of whites have survived the NAZI its fifths of a formal all who are left to do , you know when the standard fare is a faith and its non-_through U.N. and actually looked back and so on its policy things that the people that were added after care because of 12 listings of-a-team because the wheel to 19 types used intent signed up, start and other stones and topics, from the Perot and any other activity. Into the hands of the city of her daughter of a strong vassals to another Amicus, because makes money at the NT and 10:00 PM and three UDI just 95 for access for U.S. foreign attendees and start it means danger is six years as soon as outlook are more will follow for the eagles are be as to identify 1000% of strident nine May 20 at ABC checks the names I just never thought that I would find out I was nice lunch and be heated and cuts mean ID to make each idea to me because I talked about, and she starts he chickened to wages nine around everywhere ID cards from two but I only the shadow 10,079, Da the same kind of a black and all the time and saints and tends B and C Mike Steen I was numb numb numb and Jesus keep me comfort and sorry but preparing me rom and I met a signed statement that I was really boring maintain that was resurrected after Miki church me with a she’s inconsistent and I descended and police said welcomed two ascension me and one of the gel we’re talking about trends and even on state cops where men as women because I didn’t need recent spike and takes a while for Greece to come up and a girl doesn’t call 911 for main reason it’s late at which it was a conspiracy I called the FBI and reported and accented Maurier I just honest and it’s another girl its nomination than two weeks to get onto the court announced set up after the couple beers and Colin report it but I wasn’t too mentally alley cats from cuts and Friday and in five D Meehan Weinstein that mental ailments and is, and stop it was reared me he was actually talking to the voices and misnamed to the waist it’s because he’s been skipped systems used metal NT Air and sister ipsec state 77¢ and cilantro homes into a letter on me and said that he hit me Mecham said back in many prisons and then make E state crime and got out of it yet I meet with people at least once a week at valley else even some insider event ID two group where we all come together and talk about what the mind and just finding other people, just as their thinks that we consider it all together but that the TV would talk to me and at school and classic symptom that it was real day and let China clearance to me and I missed the terrorists where the criminal that they are I was on its war actuaries to because of my activity on mine because the army information that voices from each is like the mine says I I’m in pain on mine because they are denied the right ¥meant dozens of people with the same story Spanish their story except the cater to use technology and nine try your weaknesses and secure its used but I’m feeling I’m a warrior now after surviving that it was 18 and action as a cubist and men and a stock events and me and the Pierce said army and Christian me and better than the meat per our state’s top of my cat turned in 2:30 PM to Hawaii’s labor rights and a staff in the privacy and mike@testaments black list are as common in an ideal is mainly and coming to make Michelle there have been up to connect some been named beats two at least only what you find somebody to its weaker and weaker the world is looking and instance sentence because you gave me help to keep a up up . Up to the actions that my injury morale was on the outside and becoming Rio and slavery and was being taken when a bit was on my own hair stuck two bats and many of us on Medicare lived to tell that you are fifth to read many are finding a ms and since the Marines, the IP if need be there the next five I never got married the highest I’m Aaron ever wanted to the worst send you yes yes that’s importantly that was part of my estate, it seems my foundation was corrected from the beginning with my first boyfriend she money and streaming a crack center redevelopment foundation to the yen from women quit once mine waste rent me this year because we’re in six kids start at six years of not starting words are being cut may be some marijuana into never gets real you a bit worse until you got some comments yeah, NBC and we might just a record against oh where had just a really small. I would be weeks year it’s to and send just teammates merit and he yen a very are any nation 1 ounce yet we talked for a little bit and many called me and I saw men and used me Marion county was Mr. E end not looking for sex. Land spam sheep and start you really of economic rights year defense of our Time Lines return phone lines and Cayenne win and it takes about six months two gets to America and stay out packets of six months two really gets very shy there but many sentimentality strong Pakistan and that you wince and Saudi Arabia because that’s where it started and I’m stuck utility rates reconstruct 91 and can be used for the running game in now because I have to check and every month for three years two to operate them on now I am not an accident I leads being read elliott’s and its feet and intended to end jevon on the route around some. Everything I was kind assignments which shares the most stupid darwinists ceremony based up to me from hanging out with my repair its salmon wavy, stopped me from being out of my repairs to the defendant to be patient me up at the referee me nuts and snow and winds and I’m envious pentagon air and I used to shoot mind like gumby and let batter and nested activity from lax and screamed in the struggle wrist you have any leads thinking I did anything you need the answers to tiny its members you really rates mean, and at the very day the start and smelly Mr. Needed you have it in the lake and a conspiracy against me right where I can try me can state that every time a major mistake and turns in two and nine that earned them a little too numb yet a third strike are in every game and didn’t find anything but they’re where mean and use their best and the two your waist the slaying beams and sarcastic and not just the miles I really was afraid there until may Maryland 210 yen system stopped up that’s not why we need PM Nieman, from IE and Steven Wright seats before the chance me start and end E and defend my cells to exactly like my mom wants to be an attic and two change least another year or mental health patients taking me to the hospital and seven channel you didn’t use their power he ends up a custom is getting away fast up to the practice needs to occur worst hospitals and gel make its worst not there I was in jail for the weekend live in selling forever and can meet the feeding , and luckily and my mom key and army and she was meant you as Barry minter yelled at the time he and D D taped at this table person yet because the surrounds you crazy Richard C careers are destructive people and others real problems in a system that the insane percent see that’s how the one you the winning run last cooler man job today denounced maybe she should turn again metal are in two stints 90 and cut and a separate C yet its 19th and surround and some people with criminals commit to criminals are extremist against any man worst repair and second sending them to leave and so I am well aware else where search kids to his return the meat to install wizards demand to two to 10 LE and made some nights but they always come john’s events and they can’t stay federally creaky week and yet everybody the Chinese to two writer C me and they look for any excuse sustain a keeper will too have your kids and stuff like that that’s just wrong bets gasoline defense up at Intel’s use getting there just that we’re talking right you do get better as you get the right treatment and me, normal aging and they do everything to make you were seen mention right of the day care and two walks you NT 2 minutes yet expects revenue in its betrayal and ex piece Renault yet that’s exactly it and we can’t fill cities and that’s why we cut the week every two and that’s why we are a Eli Tacoma and a teacher in cell from belong to cool again and the region problem means not feeling saying for several you think they’re and IE yet Greece and so we don’t want any and tennis star attraction keep them maker, many scones and downing D something for ourselves and clean house and just my commitment does remember she’s on style becomes GM gene that’s kind yen on vendors to renounce and tearing up where it can be used psychology student seconds tourists return dealers Ian from steel coal companies are evil not that you and your again make but you sent C how the street people with sterile man of your average assignment system really messed up extensible that the number sent you can get somebody an experimental jet without their permission without even talking to them were any sign that can kill the ms time trying to get out there and meditation gas 78 and school for that and who lined with the wind up because it begins Monday at the next chairman and a professional and tops are you to your right from my experience that’s why I never be a Christian even 96 C smile as another riot in other people’s Intel’s and that’s kind of Bette Davis and that’s I need now is that this year when we’re all are in the times you , as you happy people back to the well five are in Nguyen said they have to understand that yesterday after understand all of that, and you’re a good a rare in Medellin their own they can be jealous, you end an injury in some girls team air in its . People reading . Dispensing discussing something and the rest O Ashley and just in time. One batter just any arms around a long and narrow line-listed as you know how their eyes tampers year and are listening
Right of the gulf OPS for a moment at A a continent send this engrossing for the leading cause and I had just five suffice it to yeah it’s your year might actually have to-last names and numbers and this Kennedy center’s the endangerment and still in the six era sometimes they stuck on entirety and events E may find its you may find my writing is a ends when in a memo from meant a lot of money to stay out with me as a dollar dollar and 80 and it’s Mr. Send the measure will real well and recapture its own. And a cup of tea rate of eight-hour last race you may have a large volume and a lawyer locked out and IE nine three. I am and I haven’t I haven’t figured out if you’re targeting not because 11 activists get targeted and utilize the console is wrong because you are set to work on something that there just reading problems in your rights of union one and religious and I haven’t figured out this year after independence will get because they carted activist and anybody and makes a difference in eight people that are intolerant and leadership over other people and you feel like you’re always around because they convince you year crazy Mary in a non – and settlements in forests to him at the school will E and do something and in kit three callers and starfish. I’d still be a routine repayments and working for you to the world needs me maybe I can work for mine defendants and the used at two and its acting at its end its they’re afraid he’d been targeted and it’s fear mongering or two while the path to the end if if you I understand all the other came to us as I did someone sells them that the terrorists and they can turn to me anymore ¥nine and grafting and another inmate because make me doubt I’ll ever a lemon mine some people want to restructure its yet there already are signed another year and that an lack the money I mentioned only CI remember yeah I’m going to need share to help me get this mailing T Intel kit nine fiancée of the year in years when even when I’m too weak to two starts she does it for me right after registering Michael R man who’s just decided where severest sometimes year’s two C and jam on and stations area used to operate dealing with people missed it, and I realize there are used to read to their trip with people now mediator to work because I’m envious problems. We’re cool after getting that our children. One ADR some command center and they were year for me and forget with a wire send story of instant story yen E cut in color and middleware into the stevenson’s and rampant few other things because he can control is reads and honest and sent from listening to music nonprofit yet I think you have a bit in your family were waiting to hear in urine. And spends their immediate area near Simi just to warn you and Cheyenne first and sell you get some very intense when warm a ship Iwo cents and get are wearing please ignore it satisfied in, where trees and on if I’m not sure it now when T mean year in which a yes man and always ignored and the IE Bridge under the restaurant and talk to them and off the penetration I don’t mess with my right away as president. And they tell way each day more and more meager I’d used in my intensity than the star bisexual or EG Rendell insert three idea Marietta girlfriend Sellers to write your engines will read at me and Marion girlfriend chose to a rate went to them that it’s images. Fifth dollar cut in falls on the people to choose its if it’s

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