When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

Total eclipse 

Mother Nature is 

Surprising us here 

Because days pass 

And we forget how nice it is out 

We forget …

I like rain….

Everything’s so beautiful right now 

The sun is yellow 

Like Jesus Christ 

Personality type 

I’m a mix in between 

Indigo and violet …

Cause I’ll never be 

Set in stone 

Who knows what God 

Has planned for me 

Now is the time to reap

The rewards

Of your hard work 

Embracing your dark shadow self

And not letting it

 Control you….

Getting through ascension 

And coming out 

The other side…

Now matter how stupid you look

It doesn’t matter

Because it doesn’t matter

What they think 

Never did 

Never will

It was only a pill

No better than a drug deal

Don’t tell me to take that pill 


I was never into that 


I wasn’t there for the meds

False witness!

I always wanted to help people

It’s just funny

I’m from Appalachia 

And that was a rhyme 


That’s all they think

We are …

When you’re in the dark 

There’s always a ring around it 

Cause God loves us 

Ring of light 

You can thank us later 

Cause we have the personality types

To make the world a better place 

While you weren’t looking 

We’re humble 


But it put 30 years 


Just like that. 


Put so much together 

In little time 

It would be dark then light

We have some gloomy weather ahead of us 

Three more days 

Til everything works itself back out 

When we’re done crying 

It’s time……

To cry for the world. 

It’s time!!!!

It’s time!!! 

It’s time!!!
Copyright kerrious 2017 with all rights reserved 

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