When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

The ones who hate us 

Embrace everything 

That comes to you

And if you know 

You don’t want it anymore

Just let it go

We’re going to get rid of the 

Animal, reptilian 

Part of the brain 

In three days 


We’re going to make it special 


So in three days 

The earth will remember 


We already did it once 

But you guys are fighting 

We have to do it again 

Nobody stepped in 

To the leadership role 

Nobody stepped in 

To the human role

So I have to do it

Alongside my guardian angels 

To make our names right

I’m really disappointed 

In people

Not remembering who they are 

When you’re born 

You’re not racist 

You’re not sexist 

You’re nothing

But yourself 

It’s like a bunch of kids

Out there….


Because they don’t know

How things work 

At the top

Of the pyramid

There’s God 

And God did a lot

But someone murdered God

Or so they thought

God was dead

And then I raised him

From the dead 

Gave birth 

With my very own body

To feel him kick 

And returned an alien

Because I went through ascension

And was manifesting 


But God knew me better

Than I knew myself 

Not some snake liver doctor 

I on,y had time to manifest 

God and Jesus Christ was born 

 Bible dipping….

Holy Mary mother of God 


Woke my soul up

In the middle of the night

Not a coincidence 

But a prayer 

To my soul 

There I thought 

You were a man of God 

But only a bigot in hell 

Hell on earth 

While we tried 

To bring heaven 

I ignored you 

Went back to sleep

But an impression was left 

A prayer answered 

By the crossroads demon

No clothes?


You’re just a show

A joke

A spectical

Like me 

You are a distraction 

I know you’ve been looking for me 

Better than a oral hygienist 


Brainwashed and lover of beasts 

Get it while you can

Show the man

Your worth


You can thank your friends

For even letting me know

Know you woke up

After seven days….

Do you think I would put you back to sleep?

Extract my love?

Cause a panic?

While remaining hidden




But they want to

They do.l.l

The mind control wants it 

Come on kids

If I can’t count on my generation

I’ll have to rely 

On the younger ones

They have to

They’re smart

They showed me 

Just how smart they were 

Reminding me who I was 

Set the tone

The stage

For war

A call to arms

A call for help

And they are before their time 

Or right on time

Maybe a little early 

Giving away too much…

And now it’s time for everyone

To be themselves

To be children again 

And I am….

30 years old…

Mother of someone

With brown hair 

A rape scene 

A birth scene

Invisible game 

Vision from God 

Not real

Fake light

And the others

Real light .

So please

Don’t look at me 

Like I’m mentally ill

I’m not a stigma 

But your wildest dreams

Devoted to reality 

And all it encompasses 

I studied history

Took the best parts

The best people 

And made it something grand

A huge display 

Of forgiveness

Of what you all


You reject

Your own saving.

And I don’t know how 

People stay in apathy

I can’t judge those out there

But I can tell you 

How they did me wrong

At least there is 


Out there

Doing something.


What they know best

And all our pieces together


The global conscience 

There’s just too much apathy 

To continue 

The typical, distraction.

And they’re the ones 

Who hate us….

The end. Copyright kerrious 2017 with all rights reserved

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