When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

i saw my

biological grandfather

through a violin player

DNA activation

before the results

i saw my family

in the eyes of them all

danger zone

wrong thing

but he wouldn’t listen

but you know me

i was smirking and laughing

at superstitions

of people who thought

they knew me

had power

to abuse

and people to use

and knowledge galore


coin slot.

trumpet player?

like prostitutes


like evil eye?

war began there


is not innocent

she said I was the mom

the ultimate rat

and the dog too

i was shushed

and pushed out the door

and he had an ax

but it dissappeared

right before my eyes

it was his demise

dead end street

nothing more

than a murder scene

i was in charge

why couldn’t i see

all the chances

all the get out of jail cards collected

all the Go’s

but I rolled the dice

and they built mansions

on my land

and banks kept the money

unless you were lucky

unless you gambled

but God said no gambling

I even tried my luck

on that one

but i saw they were

gambling with me

so i wasn’t going to do it

to make them think i was

is all…..

to make them think

i wanted to be like them

the best actress award goes to……

you can guess.

you found me

but not before

I found you.

reminded me sumerians

the rooftops too

the pounds

the gunshots

the fireworks

and hopi prophecy


we can please everyone

make everyone happoy

but you didn’t let us

or use us professionally

only spied

and profitted

while keeping the masses


go straight to hell boy

you could have at least

offered me a sweater

some clothes.

but you think you are better

but things aren’t better

October is near

i wonder what they fear

their turn to create

watch out

because all they have are fears

we’ll just be laughing

so hang in there.

let’s push the reset button

let’s reclaim what is ours

hurrican michael

my guardian angel

the keeper of my light saber

his sword

Holy Mary

mother of God?

a king that is

the dark one


mother of all creation

in the beginning

the word

was with God

and the word was God

it was the beginning

of forgiving

in a sense

didn’t take them long

to start their rituals all over again

they learned nothing

you think they would learn by now!

reading my book he is

he opened it

like the neverending story

this world is set up

for me

like I remember Adam

and the animals remember me

so you would think I was God

but he is seperate from me

only said a few things

then left


nine months lateR?

what a tater


but like they say

she knew somewhere

deep down

i can’t wait to start

another book

God’s book.


i’m tired of them looking at me

saying they hate me

i’m tired of them

not letting me work

or have anything

i’m stuck


future unknown

the one i saw has passed

i can’t make you whole.

don’t pray to me


next time i won’t answer your call

you prayed your way into office

and now we see your true self

you don’t even take up

for your own country

you are stuck in the ego

of being a celebrity

it’s so funny

don’t you see

something different

so you can blame him

for the uproar

the exposing of bigots


my spirit calms and quells

his cheats

and woke my spirit up

to his prayer

don’t you see

god has vessels

and i am to spread his word

through my mouth

and that was what happened.

one nation

under God

one world

under God

the creator

the scary guy

the one that made me elated

after he left

made me feel special

but they thouoght i was mentally ill

God phoned me

not the other way around

and it’s time to drop he act

and spread the facts.

the right my name

and all of ours

I am Eve

and I belong to no one.

copoyright kerrious 2017 with all rights reserved


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