When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

God wouldn’t get jealous

of an inanimate object would he?

only people

and the stars are people

and the sun and moon

he’s not jealous of your couch

but of worshipping idols

his wrath came on me

because of a statue

and i said that ain’t my statue!

wanted off the hook

i never read the book

because i wanted it to be real

to feel


seeing history

unfold in a different dimension

that our photographic memories


we were born creators

and they stole my memory

my beautiful colorful memory

but since it’s really mine

i still remember

but you took all the beauty away

murderes of beauty

passions and love!

you can’t take away our purpose

and replace it with nothing

lies deceit manipulation

it hurts to see

but i wanted reality

but it was nothing against me

I was there

for you….

watched you

make it through

hand over heart

and mouthing the words

you’re breaking my heart

don’t be afraid of filling up

it breaks your heart

because you built the wall

a long time ago

and love can do that

so i knew you loved

but rejection

got you so low.

are you still smiling?

did you get your zombies?

cause it feels like Saw 5

you were right

it was a hostel

and his truck full

of creepy torture tools

i believe he’s killed before

just because he couldn’t go to war


rejection took the people i love

but not me

God said

leave me alone

because i can do it myself

but no

i’m so mad at you

but not blue eyes

thanks for my version

of the wizard of Oz

thanks for revealing the truth

but like a true war

a true soldier

a true hero

you leave no man behind.


copyright kerrious 2017 with all rights reserved.

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