When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

fair fight

that’s what i say

face to face

knocking me out

was your last mistake

you did it all

so it would sound


you knew those people

wouldn’t accept that

into their reality

you were so cocky

you’d get away with it

that you left all the evidence behind

you stayed just to see

and reacted off me

don’t you see boy

I was your God?

Oh boy

the only thing

that got you up in the morning

the only thing you were striving for

thanks CIA and mafia

for making a girl feel good

for putting that gun to his head

and hearing him

beg for me

saying it’s you baby

now i know



that’s what I say.

We know


women are always right.

but fate has passed

i’m existing elsewhere

older than yesterday

and wiser

and more in tune

with who I am

no brainwashing

surely not by him

or anyone

I like scary movies

but not in reality

monsters everywhere!

i thought we were friends

guess it was a light hearted scare


and straight to the point.

thanks for showing me

your better than men

by taking no for an answer

and shutting the door

i noticed everyone

was clueless

and needed me to see where they fit

so i gave everyone a job to do

and if you don’t remember

it sure isn’t harrassing me

or anyone for that matter

you’re witnesses

and the only goal

is liberty and justice

or the USA falls.


we’re enjoying the show

don’t go

stay and rebuild this place

i won first place.


copyright kerrious 2017 with all rights reserved

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