When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

electric kiss

she is pissed

electric heart

i wonder….


they say

let him in

like wouldn’t he chose you

come to you?

and God too?

all of them came to me

i didn’t go searching

i was just being normal

didn’t want to get formal

but stay in the shadows

with my friends

he sped off

while i needed a ride

to my car

that’s all.

that’s sad

didn’t even make me mad

i was done

before he knew

before before before

i needed something

to devour

something to distract me

to waste my time

a biological weapon

on the loose

but i didn’t choose

a healing

of the lips

right before my eyes

stupid girl!!!!!!!!!!

so in love….

or so in filth?




so i stay

with him

wouldn’t you?

he held parts of me

all part of my healing

not his hehe

hey baby

i’m out

but you’re in.

burn the letter

oh wait

your immortality

was made from paper

hell fire

of course.

my love kept you alive

because you

need help

so hope you get it

stop beating and abusing woman

you’re not a man

but a jungle gym

thanks for allowing me

to read your mind

to know i wasnt’ crazy

to know what you did the year before

was worthy

of everything I did

and everyhing that will happen

and has happened.

broken car window


stay away from

your evil family and friends

if you want to heal

to know how to love

but you think

you can love more than one!



you’re the lineage of jealousy

can’t you see

you are a murderer

and you didn’t break the cycle

but i did.

can’t believe

i witnessed so much failure

mentally ill?

that’s you


that’s me.

get it right

or pay the price

you should have treated me like

a Goddess

but instead you laughed in my face.

I was a princess

a Queen

then a Goddess from Lemuria

and so much more to accomplish

but no i didn’t hear you

get off to that demon

so much gay energy

that haunted

like hell would smell

you’re family

is waiting for youu

when you’re ready

and congratulations

you join them

in hell.

youre life was parallel to mine

i could have saved you

i don’t love you

never did

ok maybe i did

but after you revealed

your true colors

there was no way in hell

God said no

but i went back

for the lesson of revenge

i never had vengence before

then i saw it everywhere

and continues

secret society

innocent ones.

it’s so sad though

i iknow…

what a rotten smile on my face

the year I met

my rapist

22 years before hand

my attempted murderer

as if i was tyring to save my own life back then

but i forgot

the more i searched

the evidence i found

i burnt your letter and mine

may the best player win


copyright kerrious 2017 with all rights reserved


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