When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

as i watched you

use me

like you used Jesus

for the spirit

i was intercepted

by someone desperate

and that’s fine

she needed it more

but how selfish?

i never get anything

in my life

it was a reward

an upgrade

given by God

because I recognized


you’re grandmother.

how did this

all transpire

and allowed to happen?

the corruption

of a life

that was meant for saving

the sabatoge of work

that was meant for healing

oh sure

you think torture

is something……

fuck you

i could have died

and you trying to kill me

just because i said

i was hung

you wanted me to be dying

in front of your eyes

so you could say

“Where’s your God now?”

but no i don’t need protection

Heaven has got me

and we’re sweeping

as if the road never ends

but buddy

it’s ending

but for me

it was the beginning

you want to think

upside down

and inside out

you weren’t there in the beginning

only the ending

you cheated

have fun

see you never




they stole from a healer

no miracles

only material gains

and shallow wishes

angel my ass

you only pick and choose

because god doesn’t love you

or so you think

but the things

you do behind

God’s back

and the things you do

when you think he’s not around

well i was around

you just didn’t know why

until that day…..

but you attacked me anyway

no i did not need you

no you did not savee me

or anyone

you have no idea

what i was doing

but my version

of 2012 was coming true

all the fake people

float into space

since they wanted it so bad




Saturn’s cube

violet light

in the middle

equal signs


since they prevented me

from creating on Earth

and still are

and acting like it n ever happened

God and I

are creating

in space

while you all talk about

the stars

well jesus named the stars

and God promised Abraham

the first schzophrenic


more decedents than the stars

here we are

you’re family

is of murder

the lineage of Cain

not us.

thou shall not murder

thou shall not torture

so why

just tell me why

everyone hates you

while i laughed like a child

knowing my part

rehearsed my lines

carried the puzzle

while you put it together

i lack patience

i hate waiting

so why

just why

i miss you like that

no tolerance

a secret coming

no one knew

the time or date or year

is right.

stupid boys….

stupid boys….

stupid boys….

wedding at 10 am

but my dad’s sick

i’m watching him


see you later


i never even met you

so how could i like you

you’re delusional

and admired me

through a job

at the NSA

which are perverts

by the way.

i saw you looking

while i danced

to pink floyd

and gave you a big

middle finger

pink floyd


she wants the truth

showed me the rich

watching the poor

at war


and again

and again.

while they are traitors

to america

not just me.

you ALL are traitors

i’d say get out

and take them all with you.

where did you spawn from?

ohh yeah


well welcome

to heaven on earth

thanks for destroying it

you really made us

look bad

and you placed the blame on me

but you are hoarders

of truth.

God doesn’t keep you in the dark

people do.


copyright kerrious 2017 with all rights reserved


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