When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

and it just slipped out

that’s what i remember most

not the surrogate

not the voices

not him

not the kick

but the hospital bed

and over reacting


baby boy

they wouldn’t let me hold

instead they

morphed it into an alien

anything to distract me

from what God was doing

preparing me


God and Jesus

made me the mother

and Eve.

God created me

and I him

he didn’t hesitate

to be woken

to join me

to come to me

to meet me

then of course

guess who followed

that sexual voice

is decieving

but the hallowed

is believing

so now we wait

until we are


from evil itself

it equals nothing

and hell is waiting

plenty of

dues paid there.

go there

or repent

stop coming around

for i am trying

to save you

but when  i hear

the voices

scream in hell

satan won’t be there

to bring you back.

i am the authority

he’s gone

but not forgotten

his demon child too

what’s left is you


what’s left is my favorite

hearing you scream

and not even

be sorry.

you’re plans were vexed

and my son

is not a babt

nor your savior

nor your God

and surely

not available

for hypocrites

and evil hearts

screw saving everyone

i’m sorry


but i know how to….


let them face

the choices they have made

just like you did

but but but

if only

they listened

if only


god will prepare them for hell

just like he prepared me for heaven

and child birth.

no more fear.


copyright kerrious 2017 with all rights reserved

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