When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air



only because

of lack of justice

not jealousy

or rage

but vengence

to teach him

he can’t hurt me and

get away with it

to save my life

to say hey

you’re life’s important

but not them

he’s running the streets

knocking on my door


while i laugh

from the inside

scared a little

but i saw

murder in his heart


now i saw murder

in his eyes

so go ahead

set a good example

set him free

so everyone

thinks they can get away with it

ripples transpire

even for that rat

go join

judas priest

no one wants you

we don’t know you

from adam

you fucked up this one

he knows

love to him

was murder

meant for the devil

who trick him

not me

i was a witness

to a snap

and heard his demons

trick him

so i stayed

and loved


then he killed me

and said goodbye

what a cult.

it wasn’t my fault

everyone has good in them

you just have to remember

everyone has love in them

you just have to find it

and everyone has their own thing

you just have to find it.

moving forward i see

that it was sad

for me

not him.

i should have saved my sympathy

for myself

instead they choked it

all out of me

like the holy spirit


i would never


give any of you

any piece of my spirit

fool me once

shame on mme

for me twice


on them


found your weapons of mass destruction


found your terroists


it was a pleasure

serving my country

but i’ve got voices

to make disappear

good art

good job everyone


everything just peachy

i assure

good bye

for i know

you’re future.


copyright kerrious 2017 with all right reseved

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