When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

the blacksmith

and the artist

forged their


closer to the heart

the blacksmith

was a phony

and the artist

was tossed out

doesn’t seem fair

when so close to love

we aren’t left behind

just blessed

from a distance

slam the door

on him

again and again

and again and again and again

he’s mine

all mine

do what thou wilt

with that one

i wasn’t raised

for you

i lured you in

as a kid

love love love

love love love

he had none

for the good of us all

i didn’t go

because i had a tyrant on my hands

what a disgrace

for you to think

i fell from grace

you didn’t do something

so i did

no one was going to do it for me

i know they know

because they are always around

to hurt me

torture me

make my life a living hell

theyre healing phony’s

just like him

my nightmare


again and again


I don’t want to.

the end.

they started this game

i’m gonna singe it

throw it in the furnace

the flames

until i can

smell the

burning flesh

make sure it’s real

that what you feel is real

and i was always ready

to heal

what did you think?

i’d fly away?

what did you do

besides sabotage

God’s work?

adam’s apples

no wonder

like a jew nose

grows like Pinocchio

except i was

the one that hung.


copyright kerrious 2017 with all rights reserved

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