When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

Boys with Expensive Toys

the story about how the rich people were going to watch earth be destroyed from the moon along with all the people as the rich would watch it all on tv. they had access to all our tv’s in our homes to watch our reactions to the end of the world.  then come back down but instead the girl saves the world and the tables turn. they get stuck in the tv’s in the process so now we watch them. at first she thinks she will watch them all die and the end of the world will play out on tv in front of everyone. the rich try to manipulate their way out of it but soon realize the only way to end it is to play out the end of the world on the tv in front of everyone. god’s joke on them. the girl starts to feel bad and realizes that their bodies are not on the moon at all just their consciousness through technology. they uploaded their consciousness into a program that is on the moon. while their real bodies are underground hooked up to the system. they planned on coming back to earth after everyone was dead and reviving their bodies. she knows that she could save them if she finds the underground site where the bodies are. so does she go on a quest to save the rich people or does she sit back and watch them die? because that’s what they were going to do to us.

throughout the day she watches as people sell their souls to this technology so they won’t die. one minute the person would be on earth then the next they would be on the tv crossing over to the rich people’s side. she knew she was the one to have to save the world and who did save the world but people on tv were taking credit for what she did! they were all claiming to be the hero. it was all lies to send out to the people to cover their asses because they weren’t expecting the earth to be saved. the girl heard the end of the world happening around her. there were earthquakes and floods and spirits in animal bodies. the deer even sat in her yard bc they felt safe there. she has to come to the realization that she is the hero and only she can do it because no one else would believe her. the rich people were sending people to kill her but they could never find her. it was like she had a cloak of protection. when she went out in public she noticed strange people around her and she felt them protecting her. if someone tried to pounce at her or kill her or even insult her then the protectors would turn them to dust and they would be no more. so while the rich people were trying to get more souls to cross over to their technology, she was trying to stop it. will she give into revenge and watch as their world ends so then she could inherit the earth or will she become the hero she was meant to be and save them all despite what they had planned? she finds out there was a curse put on the earth that would wipe away all the while men and that they were trying to avoid being there for that. so she broke the curse by praying to god and by that simple act the spell was broken. she had some help from paranormal investigators on TV. there were some rich people who decided to help her through the tv. they would work together to break this curse. but it still didn’t stop what was about to happen with the floods and even shadow poeple that would be released to eat the souls. and the people that were really fish who wanted to swim in the flood while devouring souls. it’s all a game of collecting souls. and they wanted hers! all the people of earth turned against her even though she was trying to help. they tried to lock her away in a hospital with no explanation. they claimed she was a danger to herself and others! how ironic! when she saved everyone! She remembered a time she survived a flood in Atlantis in a past life. she was equipped for this. by her connecting with her true soul instead of selling it or selling out she was able to harnest that power to connect with mother earth and they worked together to save the earth. in her heart, she didn’t want to see anyone killed. she wanted to save everyone, the police, the blacks, the white rich men, sports players, she wanted it all to live!
no one was who they said they were in this time. it was like something else took over their bodies. she was confused as to where these spirits came from but she didn’t question them as she felt they were there to help. all the while, she was being tracked down by the enemy and eventually they found her in her car. right before that she got out of her car and starting shaking tremendously. she knew she was releasing all the souls that were trapped because all those souls were in her! she was carrying the soul of all the humans and spirits to ever walk this earth. by carrying them inside her she was able to release them without going underground. she would have dreams of the underground base. the people would be laying on beds with a glass helmet over their heads filled with water. some of them would break free, some of them would drown, and some of them would just sleep. their experiment didn’t exactly work. they didn’t know what they were messing with. they forgot the true nature humans and earth. they were always trying to beat death instead of embrace it. they didn’t care who they hurt in the process. the spirit saw favor in the girl and in the end she released all the spirits she gathered in herself by watching them on TV. she felt like she was tricked to carry them all but she knew she would have done it in the end. she would have done anything to help them. she was one of a kind. and never a killer. she thought that was animialistic and she thought we should be more evolved by now. and somehow, she was the most evolved human on the planet, that is why the spirits chose her. in the end the spirits asked her if she wanted anything. she thought about it for a very long time and she went through all the things she didn’t want. she didn’t want much. maybe a house out in the country so she wouldn’t have to be in contact with any of these evil spirits that roam the earth. she didn’t want to pick up any of their thoughts. but then she thought she could work for that. then one day out of nowhere, she just shouted “STOP DESTROYING PLANETS.” and at that moment her phone rang, she picked it up and the guy instantly said “THANK YOU.” and that is all she ever got. that was the only evidence all this happened. she didn’t question the phone call , only hung up after she said you’re welcome. she was in the zone.
throughout her journey she see UFO’s. she even thought she had a chance to escape earth by getting on their ship but she chose to stay put and rest. she met an old lady who sat on a bench with her and told her that the UFO was a satelitte and that she just waits there, for something to happen because she was immortal. everyone she met looked like someone from her real life or important people from her past. they were all connecting the dots and she was realizing why her life had been like it had. to prepare her for this! so she wouldn’t be scared when she saw strange things or people or spaceships or lights floating through the air after she received a message. everywhere she went people were trying to talk her into using her powers for selfish reasons like playing the lottery. she did not abuse them throughout her whole mission. she asked for nothing except to save the world despite the horrible people on it. she knew they just didn’t know the truth. the truth she was shown. she enters the invisible realm to help their reality. she did it all for everyone else because they forgot we are all connected. (USE journal to discuss everything she learned about nature and such). everyone around her turned into someone else and then after it was all over they acted like they knew nothing of it. they put her in the hospital. the guy drew a picture of jesus on the cross with the holy spirit coming out and she knew jesus had saved her. something that has been taught forever was true. through the tv she saw the secret world of the rulers of the earth and how they wanted to recruit her to be an astronaut but she knew it was trick. they wanted her to sacrifice her dad. they tried everything to get her to sell her soul, they promised her the world! she ignored all their offers and continued to fight the good fight. she had dinner with all kinds of spirits such as demons and other spirits and God. it’s like she was having a meeting to be integrated into their world so that she could better understand it and she could explain herself and why we all need to get along and come to a truce. no more killing each other over trivial matters such as difference in beliefs and differences in each other. they were now on her side. she had all the help from other worlds coming to earth to help her. she thought she had been abducted by aliens once and they came back to help her. by exposing the truth to her she was better able to fight because she knew there was much more than what life had to offer on earth! she could have sold her soul to the rich to gain the world, she could have let everyone die and then she would own the earth but instead she fought for every last single soul. she had to go back to a normal life eventually and she even regretted saving everyone after she realized none of them changed for the better. they were still playing out the same things everyday. she couldn’t turn on the tv because it was all lies, deciet, and manipulation. she saw evangalists burning as they talked on tv. she saw what was to come.
the reason why she was able to do this all was because she had found true love. true love can save the world. she died so that the spirits could show her the after life. she traveled there in her dreams. evil was playing tricks on her everywhere she went. she would be driving and got lost because the road signs kept changing. they would say one thing and then change right in front of her to say something else as if something was preventing her from trying to find her true love. all of it started because of true love. the invisible world knew that she was the one because if she could love humans like that then she truly had enough love to save the world. to teach them all something. she had mastered unconditional love.
even though no one believed in her she believed in herself. she even comes across lucifer and god. after being inspired by the girl they forgave each other and the spiritual war was over. they had given up on humanity. but all it takes is one person to save the world! just one person that held a pure heart. she spent time with everyone close to her even though they were afraid of her until they healed. she didn’t understand why anyone would be afraid of her. who did they think she was? a demon? they thought all kinds of things about her and even accused her of being an alien or vampire. they just couldn’t understand the grace of god or how one girl could know so much. it’s like she reveived downloads of information and nothing she ever read about before. she was able to hold all that energy in her and after the spirits all left her body after she shook them out they returned to their bodies underground where they woke up and pretended like nothing happened. they were trying to cover their asses. all kinds of secrets abotu poeple were being leaked to the public. she started to work with the hackers of the world and the hackers would implant info on tv for the whole world to see. all the idols they all looked up to were being shown for what they were. the truth was being revealed whether the world was ready for it or not.
she time traveled as she saw time stop. her time travel was witnessed by others and they tried to capture her and put her away. she would be in one place and then a second later she would be an hour away from where she last remembered. that is when she almost broke. she always had anxiety about being lost and it was coming true. so she saw people in a field and pulled over and she was looking for her true love while being pulled away. before she stopped she kept seeing signs that said “refuse” but she didn’t know what that meant. she gave in and pulled over and instantly the cops were there along with an ambulance. they told the doctors she was walking around talking about the promised land. but she knew she hadn’t been walking up and down the street. she never left where she was standing. were they lying? or did she time travel again? to her she felt she was set up and they were looking for her anyway. so once they had her they were ready to take her. once they got what they wanted which was the release of their souls. she was used, and now captured. the abulance drivers looked like people she knew from real life and because of that she was able to calmly get in without much fuss. it was comfortable seeing people especially after all she went through. one of the guys placed hands on her as she was in the ambulance and she could feel him healing her. trying to take her pain but it was already gone. she released it as shook and now it was out there, probably went back to its original source. all the pain and spirits she carried returned to their original origin. she no longer carried for them. maybe that was her reward.
after that she was a new person. she never felt so light and free in her life. she always had echo’s in her mind and voices that weren’t hers. now they were completly gone. the only voice she had left was hers, the one that fought all the injustices of the world. everywhere she went she saw all that was wrong with the world. the way the doctors were treating her was as if she was nothing. they were never sincere and didn’t care. they just assumed she was crazy without much evidence. they tried to place her in different homes and each time the person would look like someone from her past that hurt her,so she said no every time. they didn’t understand she just needed to get back to her car so she could go home. but she knew somehow, they weren’t going to let her. while there she heard all kinds of ghost memories and voices. she could hear her true love talking to someone and the someone told him “you really messed up with this one”, meaning the girl, and her true love agreed. she felt betrayed. she could even hear people having sex and she thought she was in some sick place where they create babies. like he was being used to breed against his will. she fought off the visions and voices because she felt like she was being tricked. the fire alarm went off and she tried to escape but they hid her clothes and kept her captive. one of the nurses tried to help her get her clothes without anyone else seeing but she wasn’t used to being helped so she didn’t know until it was too late. she kept noticing men from her past who were coming in to rape her. but they knew they couldn’t get away with it because she was strong. the doctors thought she was using the same technology as the rich people and with their computers they tried to shut down her consciousness but it was in no way connected to their system. they tried everything while she just sat there watching. she felt them trying to kill her, to make her body lifeless so they wouldn’t have to deal with her. but there was no use. she was connected to something much higher than they thought. she could hear children crying everywhere and she went to see what was going on behind the curtain. when she opened it there was no children in there at all. it was if she could hear another world but not see it. she went out in the waiting room after she was dismissed and looked over at a couple with a baby. the couples faces turned into zombie looking faces, old and scary. she got the impression the couple was using the baby for youth. the only reason everyone there had a child was because it kept them young. they were just using the babies and they weren’t really their babies. then she glanced back at the couple and they were back to normal. she saw people coming in that she recognized from real life but they were in different bodies. like they were showing their true form. the technology allowed people to implant their consciousness into other bodies. one of the bodies said to the nurse that he didn’t know why he was in there because all she did was say she loved me. she got the impression that everyone she ever said she loved them that they were being punished. they could no longer have their new bodies, they were punished by going back to their old bodies, the ones they didn’t like. she didn’t understand at all and didn’t ask them. she just watched as all this was happening. soon they took him back to the room where he would be put back in his old body and that scared her. she had to get out of there. next thing she knew a cop offered her a ride. they put her up in hotel where she met the old lady and saw the UFO. she hadn’t slept in days so she took a shower and fell asleep. the old lady fed her. she didn’t have any money, phone, care, or clothes.
everytime she was exposed to their technology she couldn’t help from feel a horrible dread and knew what they were doing was completely wrong! she saw injustice everywhere she went. people’s minds filled with power, money, and sex. things she no longer needed. so by saving the world she was rewarded by healing her past. all of it was gone, just like that. and she saved the planet by asking higher powers to quit destroying planets. no more will we need to worry about the end of the world. it already happened, it’s up to you to figure it out. and all it takes is one person even when everything and everyone is against you, you can prevail.
during the time travel it was like the rules didn’t apply to her. she would be driving in her car and run all the red lights and people would get out of her way while others would try to stall her. the radio had messages for her the whole time. they thought it was a harvest of the souls and they were right. she knew it too. certain songs would come on the radio that were exactly what she needed to hear. The Beatles, ticket to ride, came on and she had a feeling it was about her. the fact that could have had the world if only she agreed, but she didn’t care! Boston’s, peace of mind, came on and she turned it up just sitting there at a gas station while people from her hometown were pulling up and they all looked said, as if they thought she died. and she just sat back wanting a peace of mind, which she did get. she just wanted to be left alone. she thought it was so weird that so many people were at the same gas station and looking sad. some looked happy. some pointed at her and some didn’t see her. it was unreal. she even drove off but realized she left her boyfriend behind and she couldn’t do that. so she went back only to pass people she knew and some were crying. they were running into all kinds of people from her past. and all she wanted was to be left alone and to have a peace of mind. there was a method to her madness and she was just figuring it out. she felt like she was in another dimension and invisible. an underworld of some sort where your whole life was placed in front of you. and she had to chose a path, a direction. will she let true love prevail? her true love she had for her father? and her boyfriend.
soon after, she found herself helpless, unable to eat or sleep. she was being prosecuted after saving everyone! she soon felt regret because she knew no one appreciated it. she thought maybe the world would have been better without all those people in it. she started to wonder what would have happened if she never stepped in, would she be dead? no one changed their ways and the world continued to sink. she thought of it as a cleansing on the earth, something that needed to play out and there was nothing she could do about it. people fear what they do not understand. so she lived quietly in her house in the country while they fought themselves. she knew one day things wouldn’t be like that so she waited patiently for her next cue, the next adventure.
she had hope while she was experiencing the hospital because she could sense one lady was a spirit who came in to help her. she made the doctors who were treating her bad leave. they were cleaning house everywhere she went. replacing the bad guys with good ones. she did have help even if she didn’t know it. they were replaced with people who looked like people from her past which gave her comfort. she felt like others were competing with her the whole time she was there. like no one was on her side and everyone else wanted to take credit for what she did. so they were copying her and taking credit and she was astounded by their actions because she knew it wasn’t the truth, that they were lying. she thought that her blood was being taken so that they could use it as transfusions to keep others alive as she had regenerate powers she was given to help her through all of it. she was being used and then tossed aside as if she was nothing. children were being used to keep other young and so wasn’t she. she could feel all the witches of the world trying to place spells on her.
she was judged by god before all this happened. her sins were wishing too much. he didn’t like wishes because everytime you wished for something a piece of god would go missing in you. she wished a lot of things throughout her life. she started to think those people have been looking for her all her life and they finally captured her, but they were too late. they were reaching out to her through movies and music. as if they were searching for the one she became. her dad told her “oh, so youre the one they are looking for.”
overall, everyone thought god was dead so they used techonology. and she proved that god was not dead, he was just back. he left everyone to their own devices to see how we would turn out. needless to say he was very disappointed in humanity. we were supposed to be more evolved than what we were but we got lost in techonology and thought we could beat death that way. when in reality, most need to experience death because they didn’t learn anything while on earth. they didn’t let those loved them love them. they stay in self-pity always seeking power with their greed.
she could stare straight into the sun with no harm done to her. she realized the sun was portal to another world but she knew when the light took over that it wasn’t her time to go. so she didn’t go because she thought it was a trick.
the old lady tried to teach her witchcraft through writing but she didn’t do it. she knew she didn’t need that to get anywhere. she knew it was wrong. she wasn’t going to give in to that.
she realized you can’t find god in space, he is in you if he chooses to be. she was appalled at the number of people that thought they were a God in order to keep denying the truth. she realized they were all just victims of an absent father.
“I’ll come to you in the name of Max” then we broke the curse together. in exchange he had one more moment with his dead father. he was able to talk to him again and say his goodbyes.
she realized it’s okay to ask for help and even god resented help because we know it’s nothing you have to do yourself. you have to help yourself and save yourself. no one can do it for you.
she realized she had to love the whole world, that is how she was able to save it, because she loved it. she never saw boundries or racial lines. she never saw it at all until it was all over the tv. like they were being seduced to become racist. through not being shallow she able to have help from different races and they were on her side. two black cops showed up at her house when her dad, mother, and brother were there. her dad was trying to kick her out of the house and her mom hit her and her brother hit her and she just laughed it off because she knew they were unjust. so the cops came and her family tried to make her go with them but the cops said “only if she wants to.” because they could sense what was going on.
she was made of stardust and had sparkles in her eyes most the time. when she was chosen her eyes shined brighter than ever. all her family wanted was to steal her stardust so they could have it. they managed to steal her shine and as she looked in the mirror she realized it was gone. her brother even said that they didn’t need me anymore and was trying to kick me out. he said “we got what we wanted.” that hurt her.  she worked hard to become a star and now they were trying to take it from her. many things were stolen from her, many gifts that she had. she had keys to other worlds and people were after them. they wanted what she had instead of helping her. she found out her mother was a witch in the past and a curse had made her be able to control the whether. eventually she went back to her mother to help her release the evil inside her. by taking it on herself she could then release it to the world in which it belonged.
even though they were against her she still was there for them. the love between her and her mother was able to transcend anything else that had happened. through their love her mother was healed and she was strong enough to do so.
she knew she was being set up by everyone saying she was suicidal but she was not. they said she was a danger to herself and others but she was not. it was all lies to cover their asses.
while her and her brother were at the store they noticed a pile of dust on the floor. the guy in line ahead of them turned around and pointed at it and asked “is that you?” making a joke about us turning to dust soon. all she could do was laugh hysterically. because she knew everyone was giving in to the fear and didn’t trust her.she was like a child again, walking around in complete wonder of the world. she knew there was plenty for everyone and if one day she could, she would make sure we all had what we needed. her brother was preparing for souls to turn to dust as he bought a broom to clean them up with. she couldn’t accept that they would just turn to dust especially those she loved. before she was aware she did noticed those who tried to hurt her turn to dust as her helpers would sweep them up and follow her around to do so.
then she realized that only humans are capable of evil. the spirits she saw were only there as watchers and didn’t hurt anyone. she began to wonder if humans projected their evil onto these spirits such as lucifer and the devil. and even God. they all blamed and disowned god.
as she laid on the couch while her friends played a game around her she could hear people trying to come and get her. she was protected by something. it was like she was engulfed in pure energy that protected her. it was like the book of revelations and as she woke up to go home she was told she would have to fight the dragon. but instead she tamed the dragon.
she felt like everyone hated her but yet were trying to keep her here to do their dirty work! they didn’t want her but yet they didn’t want her to go either.
while she was staying with her boyfriend a lot of spirits entered him around her. once she thought he was jesus coming to be healed by her. then it was hitler whom she tamed, then a werewolf and vampire. she healed him of all the things inside him that he didn’t even know was there. she atral projected in a dream and could see herself sitting on the bed beside him as he was laying down and she had one hand on him as if she couldn’t leave his side. she woke up and looked in the mirror and could see blood stains all over her lips. she was being summoned into other worlds throughout the whole process, anything to heal him.
she found out that the feeling of love can be between a parent, sibling, or boyfriend. and that some people get that feeling confused with sex. if you feel a tingling around your pelvis it is because you love someone, it doesn’t mean that you act on it and it’s not the same thing as being horny.
they tried to put her on meds but she knew that it would cut her off from the spirit world and that is what they were trying to do. so she took them and they had no effect on her. actually no drugs had any effect on her anymore, it was if she was immune.
she saw signs pop up out of nowwhere, one stating we are infinite. and a math equation to back it up.
then she realized she wasn’t ill at all, but that society was and she was just a product of a sick society as most people were.
she saw Elijah graffited on a train and that was a sign. (more about that)
while she had all the spirits in her she wasn’t allowed to smoke cigarettes because if she lit one up then someone on earth would start burning because she was connected to mother earth in such a way that what she did with her body had an effect on the world somewhere.
she was given the oppurtunity to fix some things on earth such as with animals. she gave more land to some of them. more food and water etc…
some of the rich people chose to stay in the techonology and now they are trapped forever outside of earth.
then she found out that she was being tested by the invisible world and she passed. so all went back to normal as she held these things dear. it was like nothing ever happened. only she had really changed.
we changed the past by healing ourselves.
she was implanted with a peice of iron metorite when she was seven years old so they could track her but she had a surgery that removed the cyst and they could no longer track her. it was also going to be used to blow her up and they tried to do so but didn’t realize it wasn’t going to work bc she didn’t have the chip anymore. they abducted her when she was seven and put it in her. they were going to make me participate in something like the hunger games. her dad kept asking her “are you ready to play ball?” they were trying everything to drag her in to be killed.
everyone was trying to steal this from her. she knew her hometown had planned to capture her and do rituals on her by cutting her up and using her dna to make hair products with because everyone wanted her hair. then they would bury her. but she was too powerful for them. their planned failed because she was stronger than any cult.
then she realized that she was connected to a god never heard of before. the one God of the entire universe. not one that has been written or spoken of before. that’s why no one was prepared for what happened and that’s why she was able to succeed. because no one had encountered this god before.  no one saw it coming and no one gave her a chance but that god.
she kept being told that it was humanity’s last chance. and her last chance.
all the kids at work turned into spirits and were talking to her. she thought that maybe they were her children the way they were talking. they all walked around as if they just got out of a tight space like a spaceship. like they just arrived on earth to send her a message. they knew information about her that they shouldn’t have known like where she lived. one of the children pointed out on xrays how you could tell the different races by their teeth. There were shadow people, vampires, and then demons. he taught her how to tell the difference. they were the only ones who believed in her. she would see the same spirits in different bodies at different places and some would be attracted to her in mysterious ways. they would all migrate towards her. they kept asking her if she was scared of blood as if they knew a battle was about to happen. like they were making sure she was prepared for what was about to happen. the demons had no power over her as when she spoke they listened and did what she said as if they were programmed to do so. she could tell they didn’t want to listen but compared to her they had no power. it was like the other adults around her were in a trance and were somebody else for the day. they would teach her how to expell demons from the children. while the other children told her not to feel bad because they deserved it. then the children would walk around like nothing ever happened. she couldn’t do that to people anymore so she quit. she didn’t want to be responsible for spriits taking control of other people’s bodies. it’s like all the children knew her secrets and came in to help undercover. she reveived many strange looks from the adults and didn’t want to uncovered. she didn’t want them to know her secrets and her mission. but she could only keep it secret for so long…
she discovered that those in power’s goal was to cease humans from thinking. because if they take away your ability to think, they take away your connection to god. be mad, be very mad. they try to take you away, but you saved them anyhow.
copyright right with all rights 2017

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