When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

Demons and Divios and Evil Women 

Felt your demons

As the heaviness ensued 

Took over my empathy

As you could not control yourself 

You grabbed your gun

And went outside 

Heard a gunshot 

Thought you shot yourself 

For all the thoughts you couldn’t control 

You placed your burdens on me 

Took it all out on me 

Something I’d never do 

I wonder how 

You walked back through the door 


Felt the smell of orgies

And demons too 

As if you were meant to survive 

For me 

But I was wrong 

You didn’t make it 

Only pathologically lied your way 

So I was set free after your numerous attempts 

To kill me 

Body, mind , spirit, soul 

You could not control me 

Or replace me 

And that is why 

You’ll never stop 

Trying to hurt me 

So you try to control 

How others see me 

Through your lies, deceit, and manipulation.
Copyright kerrious 2017 

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