When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

gansta mode

some people get cheated on

it doesn’t discriminate

but it imitates

true love

and u can’t live a lie

the darkness consumes

reminding you of right and wrong

then your head explodes

with my invisible gun

so much shame

so much to forgive

and move on from

although it may never last

we try again

but it’s not special anymore

and u associate that with

how your life will be empty

and it’s better to die

than live through this pain!

so they call us masochists

as we heal

unfair huh

they say all kinds of things

things you would die for

because they exist

because the world is fucked up

not the people

second chances

are important

and lets you survive the darkness

to fill it with more light

and answers

not to assume

and make it up

fuck you though….

we aren’t the same species..

so you see a divide

and wonder

if ever there will be a day

where you find someone

who doesn’t cheat

and most likely no

and that’s reality.

most likely i’ll kill

and i don’t wannt that.

in the name of love!

i say she’s funny..

and if they want to play it like a game

you play twice as harder

with the answer

from the beginning

fulfilling a destiny

not some imaginary delusion

they never win.


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