When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

tail spin

tale spin

tell and spin

spin and bite

never heard of such fright!

quit lying to yourself

remember how that one guy said

if you lie to yourself

you cease to love.

well he was right

and i knew i liked him.

tall tales

for the ages

for hitler is an alien?

and jesus too?

and i’m gonna have a heart attack

or faint unless i write about it

what monsters

i fight back everyday

my home finally heard me

infiltrated the land

the only thing you people from earth

need to know

is if we’ll save you.


circle one.


no longer a stupid girl

but a boy who is stupid!

they are nothing more

than vampires

this entire time

sucking my energy dry

so one day they’ll fry

choke up my voice

in a river of blood

that amounts to your hands!

what illusions, my dear

back off

i know everything

even more than you

and forever i will bury it

and strife no more


kerrious 2017 with all right reserved

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6 thoughts on “

  1. Comic relief is a pain
    Strife thrice ordained.

    Order for the ages.
    There was no sex with God.
    Or dog or any other animal to be slain.

    I have learned that the strategist makes nothing into something very big.
    Could this be?

    I have also seen that structure is the key.
    Being able to empty your heart.
    Being able to be wise, clever, cunning, sweet miraculous
    The real immortal being in the flesh.

    Look down from the mountain top. To those who live close to the ground.
    Unable unwilling uncaring for them so make it anymore real then the gratitude from which was given.
    Gracious being of light, why do they return into the hollow.?
    They are infected with the Spear of Sorrow.

    • Choke my friend I once did
      unappreciative scum I did Proclaim
      Later on i rang with fear
      For it was girl that that was in the way.
      Forgot I did as I’m not gay

      Will the karma come back to haunt?
      As I do not want to harm not one.

      Those hands are from holding a beer
      And acted upon because of fear.

      Will the karma come back to haunt?
      To forbid the girl from saving my heart.?

  2. The precious things in the world
    Are the girls, never will I allow another to getaway.
    Childish situations will now be at Bay
    As I have the words of the wise to always say…..

    there was a time I used to fear
    The responsibilities of yesteryear.
    suppressive thoughts with blooming thorns
    There were many nations as my own
    They were the voices that I only heard.

    Suppressive thoughts they made me think
    Out of control with burning aches

    I struck a deal with any Force with a hollow wheel
    Hard to be wrong
    Hard to suck up the pride
    Hard for the voices to be right

    8 years of a long fight
    I began to see a pattern within sight.
    The voices where my own, along with all the people I have known.
    They were given the emotions of my own

    If you would have told me this when I began
    I would have told you that you don’t understand
    I pushed them all away
    And isolated I began to lay

    Suppressive thoughts that I did not want them to see
    As the Buddha was clever enough for the fight

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