When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

I shake 

With the truama 

Of Syria 

I am a lantern 

On the mountain 

Like an Underground Railroad

For victims of bombs

And guns

And bare hands too! 

For they even use 

Their bare hands 

To murder rape and steal? 

Oh my we need a miracle! 

Isn’t there someone out there!??!

Hey you! 

Yeah you 

Wake up 

Out of apathy 

Get your head 

Into the clouds 

To see a better future 

Because of you! 

Oh what a reward 

For a torturous life 

Beating adversity

Until I see the eye

The first thought

I want! 

Someone made a mistake!

These people are brainwashed! 

I’m in a land of zombies

Oh my god 

All my dreams are coming true

Through you! 

So everyday we all contribute

Not matter what you do?! 

If you rape

You expose yourself

And we will find you 

If you murder

We will find you 

So I looked the murders 

I’m the face 

And say they fell from grace! 

In the Middle East

Everyone got a feast

Those blood thirsty criminals ! 

For I won’t stand for it earth ! 

For I refuse to play a part 

I’m shaking 

With Syria 

I’m moving on 

I’m betraying my people 

No I’m not!

They betray their own people 

And for what?!? Some god 

Well I know a god would never make you kill 

Or it wouldn’t be a god a creator 

And I know every



Gas chamber

And I know 

What it is 

To take your last breathe

As you face death

Through an impact

Of an explosion 

That is blood on your hands! 


Keep bullying my people 

I am not you! 

For I am there 

No more shaking 

I strap on. My boots 

And start to dance 

Dance for freedom 

Dance for originality 

So I start to write 

Write to activate 

People’s minds! 

Stand up 

Be counted 

For god is here


And he said no smoking 

In gods house. 

No means no

Keep defying god 

Keep destroying the very rock

We live on! 

How they drag 

Everyone in 

Uncle Sam is evil! 

I hear you crying

My heart explodes 

To the tune of empathy

Hold me dear in your heart

Let it give you 

The stillness 

You can’t find on your own 

Let it remind u

Be still and know 

And I am reminded

I am not in truama 


Kerrious 3017 with all rights reserved

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