When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

for their fear is not my fear!

i can’t bare to hear

the land of fear

forever traps me here

and no juice

can make you brave enough

no amount of alcohol

could lead you out of there

for the cycle will just start again

and i would have to heal again

isn’t that daunting?


harming yourself

isn’t that suicide?

so beautiful…


just because you find

beauty in suicide and death

doesn’t mean you use your power

on yourself

you silly girl

using it on herself! ha!

well what can i say

i’m a scientist

can the body shut down

from a broken heart?

didn’t we already find that out

that’s not your duty!

oh pooey

i swear.

quit playing with death

and get over here girl!

oh yeah

i remember

i’m worthy…

hip hip hooray

so much fun!


for look at you all!

barely even there!

and i’m not searching for you again!

i’m not putting you back together!

you’re on your own

enjoy, i say

I am heard


but not by some mere man

i am held


but not by some phoney!

but by the springtime

by the changes in the air

by the waves

how they can engulf you!


why are you fighting

the one thing you want most?!

because they are dreadful!

destroyers of love

i haven’t forgotten

but maybe i’ll forgive

no one to blame


no one to call


no one to answer to




kerrious 2017 with all right reserved

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