When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

it’s like labor pains

the birth of  a new life

how many lives can I have?

how many can i handle?

how many are there?

oh, how many worlds to explore!

i will not bring

what is forbidden

i will not turn

into what they think

i will turn into

what i see

which is a secret to me

so fragile

yet unbreakable

it doesn’t quite make sense

how a kiss

can kill me

but a Crucifixion

could never kill me

it doesn’t make sense

how I got here

but it was by the wind, i say!

as a friend it was to me

so shall i be to it!

and thank it for leading me to you

but it doesn’t talk to you

and comfort you

it comforted from you

therefore i must be forewarned!

a little late i might add

but nonetheless

it did its duty

paid back

someone who saw it’s beauty

but oh how they really do start to talk back !

even the man on the moon!

smiles at me

oh how i wish i were there!


make me an endless

supply of oxygen

so then i might fly

oh how this place is torture

never really sure of who they are

well i know who I am!


i am your daughter

and i’m breaking the cycle


wake up

i’m coming home

to make you proud again

to wait for you on the weekends

for no one compares to you

and your art.

for you made life beautiful

therefore so can I!

but without you

i just hear your voice


thata girl!

oh dad,

such a noob

i love you.

for you are me and I am  you.


how i’ve got work to do.

so you’re grandchildren

are born through spirit and air!

always floating there

they say


look what we can do!

we can do it too!

be just like you.

for your grandchildren

signify my future

of how many times

i’ve been reborn

to do this

to live this

for your grandchildren

is my art.


kerrious 2017 with all rights reserved

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