When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

for it really was

a dark and stormy night

listening to the wind

blow the tree’s leaves

nestled in a queen size

shaking with the leaves

as if they knew me

could speak to me

in shivers

how the earth is cold

always taking away love

with distance

whether you’re in the same room or not

how cruel and unusual

how impossible

such a thing as love

can be destroyed?


and it can

destroy you as well

so doesn’t that make it a weapon?

that’s what they would think!

For i think it is because

it’s the one thing that protects


but i want my own shield

it’s the one thing that suffocates us

which makes us vulnerable

it’s a weapon to many

but not you

it’s something to hold

to protect



until you dissect it

and see

you were right all along

knew love

and it’s way

so it must be something we are born with

and not something someone else can give us

for there’s a solution to that

one embarrassing one

but it is cure, no?

so love is fluid and used to the person’s power


so therefore it is tainted


for our men’s minds are gone?


just the ones defiled

so that makes me

a sovereign nation

that if i have to fight alone

i will.

that no one can provide

a sense of comfort

not for one minute

without it being a delusion

because love is hiding

and not being used

it is tucked away

shaking with the leaves

it is like me

for i am like love

and i never wish to share.

but that’s not true to myself?

all consuming force

i dare you!

i dare you to betray me

one more time

go ahead and do it!

for i can not kill

nor rid myself of what messed me up

we are bounded by a cord

and i’m just waiting on my sword.


copyright kerrious 2017 with all rights reserved


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