When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

disclaimer. i speak in metaphors

and the devil

kept warning


it’s driving me evil


i’ve got a broke heart

and the wolves are at bay

to devour


reason or rhyme

and the burdens

on my back

have no home

for i’ve known

they aren’t mine

so why do they

keep coming back to me?

why do they want

my coat tails

why must the devil

ride my back

and suck me dry

i gave him the thread

just waiting to singe

ah ah nah nah nah

i don’t think so

little monster

but that’s cute

like a t.v. show

i see you

like the future

i see my health

stronger than ever

i won’t die in these moments

but they think they’re winning

i shiver and rattle

like a warm blooded snake

dark and light combined

and it’s me they found

hello goodbye

bad crowd

i’d say

quit dragging me in

leave me alone

i’m much to valuable

for a place like this.

Copyright kerrious 2017 with all right reserved

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