When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

Why oh Why must I feel this way

Why oh why

must I feel this way

as a Taurus

my sensual pleasures

won’t suffice

won’t keep me comfort

won’t keep me warm

or focused.

they only make me


to be a live at all

after the fall

to be here now

is all I dream

to experience this time

in history

is what I hold dear

what else can you take away?

I’d love to see the play

where you all catch on fire

because you are stuck

in your ways

of laughing

at other’s misfortunes

there will be a reckoning

a way out for the good

a way to Jesus Christ

our God and savior.

This battle’s too long

I don’t think I can go on

why did my true love

try to kill me?

why do they want me dead?

all I did was save

just like you

i’m just like you

my Father

and God

is my Grandfather

who taught me


but I still want them to burn

for all they did

where are the righteous ?

where is this revenge?

I’m not your slave anymore

I’ll dig

to the center of the Earth

to Find what is mine.

where is the repentance

and confessions?

where is them doing better?

I see it sometimes

but it still isn’t good enough

for me

they could do so much

to better the world

but they choose not to

and that’s their decision

that will bring curses

upon them and their family

i’m so tired of watching

them fall

one by one

i’m going to break

or just sigh because I warned them .

one by one

i lose them.

I need comfort

a place to rest my head

with the elves.

I need a potion

to drink

to make me stronger

I need God

we all do.


(copyright Kerrious 2016 with all rights reserved)

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