When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air


I have the thoughts

of killing you

of seeing you

go through

what I have been through

I see you hanging

I see you down for the count

I see you strangling


I have the thoughts

I’d rather see you dead

than get away

with what you did

to me.

I have the thoughts

I can make it better

if only

I had more patience

more time

more anything

but I know

I must wait

wait it all out

to see you

behind bars one day

the kind that cages you

not the ones you drink from

I have thoughts

people will rise against you

and all woman abusers

I have thoughts

I’ll do it myself

I’ll see you all fall

for touching the innocent

for trying to kill me

and them.

I have thoughts

I torture you

with the absence of me

and all I let you see


it wasn’t you but me

who brought the magic.

I have thoughts

you run around

with your head cut off

cause that’s what

you do anyway

no sense of direction

or sense of love

he only counted vagina’s

instead of appreciating mine

i have thoughts

I’m gross

because you touched me

I have thoughts

I have to cleanse myself

from you

and that I will do.


(copyright Kerrious 2016 with all rights reserved)



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5 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. This community,… Here is a general statement.

    Sorry for mistakes..

    Somedays I feel this community is a joke
    Somedays I feel everyone is in on it.
    Somedays I feel there is no way people live in tin foil tents
    Other days I feel they are right
    They are truthful
    The tone in their voice is fear
    They really can’t break free
    I feel great somedays
    Then other days I don’t
    Some TI’s believe in this… Others in that..
    Why the religiousness?
    They fight amongst each other
    They do not trust one another.
    They quantify thier trust for one another on what meret or value?
    I do not see a vibrant future for such.
    I go through all the emotions and the words there binded to
    From experiences of old
    From experiences of new
    From egos of yesteryear
    And desires of old
    I’m a guest who as they rides the waves of infinite combinations of past days old
    How do I know this is so?
    BECAUSE I was lucky enough to break free.
    If this has lost its rhyme or sense try to understand…

    What can I do? I already brought the voices to an end…
    Play the script I invented before I believed there was a way out?
    I think not .
    The voices will not stop.
    Some people will prey on those who cannot escape….. They are in a loop of doom…

    What can I do? Reject the everything I have observed.of course

    Return to the practice of the Masters, who’s fundamental food is the way.

    So as an akward feeling and thought engulf me I sit still and silent where there is no more striving..
    What strange feeling is this I ask?
    What akward feeling of jealousy and enevy that I have endured in my entire body
    Why was that emotion binded to my breath. My muscles. My legs. My penis even?? Smh
    Never before have I sat in those emotions without action for so long.
    I focus the voices, they buzz with excitement as usual.
    Five minutes go by
    Then 10.
    I force myself not to answer them like I have done before.
    20 minutes go by
    I can write a book about everything they say.
    Wednesday are mastered they aid
    But what about The jealousy and envy that permeated throughout my body.?.
    Now nothing more than an imagined eye in the middle of my forehead.
    The voices I heard in the beginning begin to repeat themselves.
    Finally a pattern
    I wasn’t sure what pattern it was. As I was just too happy and relieved to realize I could now be in control of myself

  2. I’ll tell you what I read before

    Your brain with the help of others can be your doom
    At the same time your brain with the help of others can be infinitely wonderful or anything that you choose

    The combinations of the mind and memory.. they are infinite. There are not more than 5 colors .yet any combinations of them resulting more Hues that can never be seen.

    There are not more than five tastes. but yet and paint combinations of the five will result i more tastes that can never be tasted.

    The brain works in a similar manner. And if I know where it will make a group of stalkers jobs very easy.

    Fill yourself with structured actions and good wisdom. Something that has been tested once before.

    Good wisdom is Infinity. There will be no end. They will have infinite flow as the rivers and streams…
    Like the Sun and Moon they all set and Rise Up once more.
    Like the Four Seasons they will pass away to return once more.

    Why continue ride the of the waves of uncertainty?

    I do not wish to be at the mercy of my subconscious impulsive behavior. Nor do I wish to have anyone’s else’ will impose on me.

  3. Maybe that statement that I made above is for another day if you so choose.

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