When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air


it’s like your a speck of dirt

that i can’t get rid of

it’s like you’re under my skin

dirty and rot

it’s like i wash and wash

but you’re still there

it’s like you won’t leave me alone

because you’re afraid to be alone

it’s like you look my direction

but offer no clothes

you’d rather see me naked

and be a pervert.

it’s like the dirt specks

piled up piece by piece

and the evil people

represent those specks

and they come together

to make mountains of dirt

that eventually will fall

like falling rock

like unpredictable lava

like the wild animals

that migrate, they are

the oceans

will cleanse

the storms

will be chased

the lightening will crash

and the thunder will roar

but let me guess

they think it’s them

or that they did it.

they think everything is them

but i see them with no connection

lost from their own deeds

their own actions

their own misunderstandings

they are prisoners of

so they enslave us

to feel better about themselves

when what they are searching for

can never be found

you can dissect

to the last cell

you can beg for hell

you will wish to die

but see me instead

waving goodbye



(copyright kerrious 2016 with all rights reserved)

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