When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

Ode to my family 


If you’re going down I’m going down


If you’re going down I’m going down


If you’re going down I’m going down

But deep down 

I don’t want to 

Deep down

I wanted to raise you all up 

Make you better 

Find out why 

You were going down 

So I delved in the avenues 

Of few returns 


If you’re going up in going up 


If you’re going up I’m going up 


You were right 

Told me to never take the first sip 


You were what I wanted to be 

Hard working and free 


So I stay in the avenues 

Of my backyard 

Where I would walk 

Over to your house 

To learn the good ways 

But I’d always be subjected 

To going back 

To see the bad ways

So father 


So mother 

Just stop 

So brother 

I always looked up to you 

And sisters

I just want to be that person

You used to look up to

As I know you did

As I do you. 

And to me

I understand you 

And all you went through 

Out of love for another

Like I was going down with this ship 

Except I became the caption 

Listening to the navigation 

Which led me to remember 

My way back 

Through the backyard 

Through the empty bottles 

Down the drain 

Or our throats 

Into your home 

Is a regret . 

So family 

Forgive me 

As I have you 

Learn from me

As I have you. 

From one shadow

To another.

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