When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

The old house 

I like to point out 

All the houses I’ve been in

If they’re still standing. 

I like to remember 

The smells 

And feelings 

From there 

I like to pass by 

To notice any changes 

From where I came from 

And where I’m going 

I like to see 

If the people still live there

Or if there’s new people there

And what they’re doing

And if they can sense

My good times

Or just the bad

Do they notice 

The writing on the walls

The holes 

And broken doors 

Do they notice my leftover

Of pictures 

Of me and you 

I wonder what they’ve 

Done with the things 

I’ve left behind 

Will they treasure it

Sell it

Or throw it away? 

I like to pass

The house 


As a reminder

Of where I came from 

And where I’m never 

Going again 


The eggs shells 

Have been stepped on 

And broken 

For they never could 

Hold me. 

The holes have been patched up 

For they always reminded me

Of what I didn’t want.

The doors have been hinched 

Once again 

To remind me

I have a choice 

To close it or open it. 

The banister has been replaced

To keep me from falling

No longer will I sit on the top stair

Wishing it wasn’t there

The underlying problem

Pack your abuse 

In a suitcase 

And throw it in the river 

Lay your eggshells 


For I defeated the house

Holes and broken mirrors 

I’ve put the shards 

Back together 

Although we will never severe 

I will always look

Every single time 

As I pass

Onto my new life

Onto my house 

Of comfort and joy.. 

That I have worked hard for 

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