When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air


I fought for my rights

Though you tried to take them from me

My basic human rights 

You tried to impede on 

Treated me like a slave 

Like I was your flesh 

To do as you please

Treated me like nothing

Putting my life 

In your hands

But you didn’t know

How much I knew myself

How much I already ventured 

Through the road less traveled 

To know every detail 

Of myself

So you couldn’t take it

Not one sentence of it

You couldn’t force me

To fulfil your agenda 

Your evil

You’re all just evil

And that’s all you’ll ever be

Especially since you tried 

To turn me into a sex slave 

Tried to lure me into your dungeon 

But you didn’t know 

I traveled the abyss

I know the difference 

Between fake and real 


And people

You didn’t know 

I communed with God 

Who has my back

You didn’t know 

I had an army 

Of my own

You didn’t know

I did the work 

All the work

To know myself

And you can’t take that

No one can 

It’s set in stone

And I didn’t hurt anyone

On the way

Like you did. 

You tried to play games

Well life isn’t a game

You used me as a gambling tool

But you forgot 

That’s slavery

And against the law

An intrusion on my human rights

Myself vs you 

Will always come through

It’s just too bad

I couldn’t get through to you

It’s just too bad evil existed 

And I had to fight it

Expose it for what it was

Once exposed 

It’s doomed to disappear

Cease to exist 

And I am a warrior

Of prophecy foretold

Saving us all

And protecting you

From the things they did to me

I am a star child

Born with ancient wisdom

I am the violet ray

Turning into white light 

My intentions are good

Just not what you asked for 

It’s over your head

So you spy instead

What’s over my head 

Is my business only

As I look up

There they always are

To spray me with their chemicals

Just because they refuse to understand 

Will the day come 

Where they would want 

To be a part of the bigger picture

The goodness and benefits

Of what I’m fighting for

They turned a prophet 

Into the mentally ill

(And don’t you dare

Compare me to another)

Just because it wasn’t them

Who was chosen

Their brains

Aren’t good enough

No matter how much they study 

No matter how much they beat us down

Because it’s my destiny

To protect you from fear

To always be here 

Getting contact from above

So that maybe 

You have a chance

But I get beaten instead 

I get berated and belittled 

As if they want to die

So I just cry.

I am the angels cry

That set off the trumpet.

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