When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

Couldn’t find another

I just couldn’t do it

Find another

Since I know you exist 

Not even for fun

Nor as a distraction

Or just because

It’s convenient 

It’s most uncomfortable 


It’s mostly not me

And never will be

No matter how I look at it 

No matter how lonely it gets

Doesn’t compare to you

But who are you?

What would you think?

Would you agree again?

Or did they frustrate you

To the point of no return

Where are you now

Now that I’m ready

Like the night I stopped

To look up at the stars

And tell them I was ready

For true love

Like a siren

I sing for you

They know I’m ready

But are you? 

What will it take 

To know the truth again

Things aren’t the same

Like the time has passed

For that great moment

Where we could say

Fuck the world

And all it did to me 

I survived 

But did you?

I still see myself

Lying in bed

With a hand over my heart

As it exploded in recongnition 

Gave me butterflies 

That only I Recongnize now 

So I stood up for you too

Cleared the way

For you to find me

But will you? 

I fear it’s over. 

I fear I was used 

Like always 

I fear there’s nothing I can do

To get to you. 

I don’t give up easily

But if it’s what I have to do

To know you’re happy

With or without me

Is all I want to know.

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