When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

Please body 

Please blood

Keep circulating 

Please feet

Keep walking

One foot 

In front 

Of the other 

Please eyes

Keep seeing 


Please hands 

Keep gripping 

For I will have 

A hand to hold 

Please lungs 

Keep breathing 

Don’t forget me 

And to you cells

Every seven years 

Take care of me 

Don’t betray me 

For I will take care of you

As you take care of me 

Please bones 

Don’t quiver 

But dance 

To the beat

Of my heart

Keep pounding 

Keep me alive 

Because I never felt 

More grateful

Than to be here now 

Please legs stay strong

And please arms 

Be there to hold

The one I am to hold 

Please hair 

Keep growing 

Please metabolism

Keep me thin 

Please skin 

Keep me in

Please spine

Keep me tall

Please shoulders

Keep me strong

Please spirit

Keep me thinking 

Please brain

Never fail

Please ears keep hearing

And fingertips keep feeling

The littlest of things 

I may be small

But What I feel is big 

Oh how I wish

I had someone to share

My body with

At its prime

But it isn’t time. 

Please and thank you

Tree of life


I’ll be a wife. 

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